Awesome Cooking Big Pangasius & Eggs Fish With Fresh Banana Fruit Recipe – Village Food Factory

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Awesome Cooking Big Pangasius & Eggs Fish With Fresh Banana Fruit Recipe – Village Food Factory

Hello!! How do you do everyone !! how are you? today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Big Pangasius & Eggs Fish With Fresh Banana Fruit Recipe – Village Food Factory
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Krishnan Malisha says:

She is clean well fish

Ma. Luisa Bundoc says:

nice soup fish

solomon king says:

Thanks are you single

48petey says:

have you notice no peekaboo cooking and turn over meat very little doesn't burn the bottom of pan like this toxic stainlisteel  here  notice her skin just as soft no blemishes no Mary Kay or Jlo products and all that bulls%$T Americans use she exercises by cooking and fishing no health club memberships just clean living the rivers are clean over there but the sell us the toxic fish and stuff over there because American businessmen are greedy little cuss…who have no conscience about what to give americans

48petey says:

Real sugar and MSG over there not that rock gut crap over here

48petey says:

someone say is MSG bad NO!!! t's a natural it grows in field only Americans and industrialize cities that have chemicals in their food  soil and pharma drugs blood pressure meds Coumadin ect.. in their bodies  America is TOXIC!!! bad air environment no Iodine in soil no trace minerals nothing but hybrid plants and high fructose corn  bad cooking oil and all the other SH%$# we take in but folks in America don't complain they just eat it and never tell their legislatures that we need to clean it up lets just make bombs kill people and harass people that's what America does best nothing positive and then try to cover up the mess they create by saying look how much Charity we give to the cause .You mean the cause that disrupt peoples lives like Ron Paul say America goes over there tell those people what to do and then bomb them to achieve freedom  they say and then create a trade partner it's a viscous cycle but GOD BLESS AMERICA YOU SAY A Preacher says GOD DAMN AMERICA and everyone hates all of a sudden because he told the truth…Yeah America keep paving that way toward the fiery pit

Joshua Neal says:

can you make oxtails

Village TV says:

nice cooking

Loiky Meiki says:

Beautiful and smart young lady doing great cooking for us to see

Subhra Pal says:

awesome technique nice😊

Chhlath In says:

Can you speak for a little bit

Laura Rojas.García says:

that looks delicious. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Leonor Prado says:

whats her nationality … where country is this. what is the name of your menu …

Sheemachand Chand says:

which place this

Phet Pakse says:


Yumna Ilayna says:

never give up girl and my name is Jessica don't you give up Nana i won't give let me love you so much and my Brithday is tomorrow

Carolina Gs says:

She likes banana 🍌

Poppy Lucas says:

She's a great chef

Issa Peach says:

she's so cute lol

AJ Rockin Shockin Williams says:

I'm so jealous (Just kidding). Everything you use is fresh and healthy. Thumbs up from me. 👍👍👍

Hailey Opupele says:

the sound when she is cutting is so satisfying

Tijah Jaidi says:

looks very nice

Esthika Kristiani says:

masakan nya mirip masakan ikan kakap khas indonesia yah

Esthika Kristiani says:

sy teh mau buat ahhh sugan bisa nyak

Luc Tran says:

what the fuck!! Every stupid videos she has to hold up some shit. YES we know what you will cooking. Damn retarded

Anup Biswas says:

does it etable ???🤗😀😁😂

Meytha lopArt says:

Fish still have blood in my opinion it is still dirty and less clean wash her fish

kids place on channel 9 says:

she has a beautiful mustache.

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