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Best EVER Gumbo Recipe with Seafood, Chicken, and Sausage
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My gumbo recipe consist of chicken, crab, shrimp ( both fresh and dried shrimp), and andouille sausage. I also use canned diced tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, onions, okra, and celery. I make my roux a little bit thinner than most people, but it always comes out amazing.

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Nick Biggs says:

I watched a bunch of different recipes today because my in laws are coming over for dinner tonight and I want to impress. Needless to say, this is the one I'm going to make haha. Thank you for this delicious video!! I can't wait to get started

csplinter says:

Excessive oil!

Could have packed a LOT more flour into that amount of oil. Otherwise super tasty looking.

king says:

hi i was just wondering do u cook the crab before u put it in the gumbo

Frances Collins says:

so making this!!!

Erica Ammons says:

this looks like heaven lol…can't wait to make it

Aerial Benavidez says:

Have anyone actually tried this.if so is it good?

James McKay says:

it looks very delicious

Belan Hedgeman says:

Baby girl i love this one you just put me on game with the (whispering) dried shrimp. LMAO keep up the good work!

Claudia Holmes says:

I must try this for my family!!

Mai Cious says:

I'm from guinea and we made real good crab and everything gombo but yours look kind of strange isn't too liquid ? Maybe thats the creole or new orlean style but go to an african restaurant and try the guinean original gombo its just so good kind of sticky . And we also use dried shrimp it elevate your gombo let them talk lol .

rory lanway says:

wowwww well done. made my eyes hungry.

Mars Chocolate Bar says:

I came here because of that Princess and the frog movie

KEKE says:

I'm sorry maybe you already commented. But Is the stove on while u doing the rue. ( I'm sorry I don't know how to spell that ) i guess the gravy

Frank Atack says:

That looks amazing. Never tried to cook gumbo….. one of these days…….!!!!!!!

Rose Moore says:

We LOVED this recipe, my family wants it every weekend!!!! Thank you Rosie!!!!

Nae Nae says:

Looks so good

Arianator 101 says:

This look like the bottom of a dumpster

Stank Hoeniqua says:

This looks amazing!! How many does this serve?

100 With The Hunters says:

Garlic makes everything better lol

msmomo11 says:

Maybe my stove is too hot but every time I make the roux and start adding stuff it gets HOT. I've turned it down and it didn't burn, but when I add broth and veggies it sizzles and bubbles so much and then I worry I ruined the whole thing lmao.

Shyna Jay says:

I made gumbo for the first time , using your recipe without the okra and tomatoes and it came out so well ! Thank you !

Jeffery Gray says:

Great video….Everyone's a critic. I do mine a little different, but I love your video. Thanks for sharing!

mxicana86 says:

Making this tonight for dinner!! I can't wait 🤗🤗

katherine López says:

looks delish God blessed you hands yummy 😍😍

Evelyn Acevedo says:

how did you get your rice like that? 🙂

Mike Ramos says:

that "brown stuff" out of the pan? take it out?! thats the flavor! u crazy!

Dan Calestini says:

This recipe is pretty spot on all the traditional ingredients the dried shrimp just for flavor she also used fresh shrimp I have been cooking in restaurants for 37 years and have made gumbo hundreds of times I would say this recipe is better than most from the videos I have seen

Quincella Washington says:

i made this lastnight. wish i would have kept the dried shrimp out because now i cant eat it. it doesnt have a gumbo flavor at all

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