Cooking BIG Catla Fish Recipe | Traditional Way of Cook Katla Fish | VILLAGE FOOD

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Village Style BIG Catla Fish Cooking in clay pot..prepared by my mummy.Traditional Way of cooking big fish..yummy taste fish recipe.


ruff alo says:


sarmad al-ali says:

Nice Fish and very nice cooking way very natural love from London

Samia Khan says:


Gary D'cruz says:

Very appetising will surely cook this recipe, thank you from Melbourne.

prince khan says:

konjo yanak kudnge

prince khan says:

thoda hame bhi dedo bhai

TaylorTV says:

Your videos are very relaxing to watch! I like the idea of cooking outside; it doesn't smell up the house! Hello from Texas, USA! I just had to sub to see more.Thanks for posting these wonderful cooking videos of your mummy!

Goldy Maji says:

he said owil instead of oil.whatever the fish soup looked delicious

سٌٍَلًٍومِّْ ًٍَ says:

وينهم الي يخمطون فديوهات هذا حالكم حرامية ع يتيوب منا تخمطون وتحطون بقنواتكم هذؤل انتم العرب حراميه حشه زين

debmatra says:

bdw this is not catla i think…Cyprinus only..

Rocky imr says:

it's not catla fish… it may be minar carp or something like that…

Sophea4tk Lim says:

Very big fish.

Rakesh Dutt says:

That's not Catla, its Common Carp fish.

by God life is good says:

hmmm yummie😍😋

Hector Gon says:


balbir singh Sehgal says:

great, please add hindi or english subtitles with the videos. That will be very helpfull. Thankyou.

Rasidah Kamarudin says:

i like to see village cooking but not hygienic to prepare or cook on the floor

Rakesh Persaud says:

You go and wash your PUSSY !!!!

Life of Natural Foods says:

Very big fish.

Rakesh Persaud says:

Its ok,thanks

Virak Thong says:

It looks good.

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