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Food Tube’s fish expert Bart Van Olphen is travelling the world to bring you the best fish recipes direct from where they were caught. This time he’s cooking a seafood pasta with garlic and chilli and the freshest plumpest cockles plucked from Wadden Sea in the Netherlands.
Bart set up the first sustainable fishmongers in Europe and knows loads about how we can enjoy great fish without harming stocks for future generations. He has a ton of fantastic fish recipes on his channel right now:
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For more information on sustainable fish please visit the MSC website:

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Raheel Pervaiz says:

My suggestion is to add a little 2 spoon oil to give a nice sauce.

don louis says:

Is that okay? just throw everything into the ocean?

Cinta Maniz says:

Robert so hot 😂😂😂😂

Matt B says:

I bet half of the audience is female and watched this for Robert….

drownthedays says:

Can somebody please make a montage of Bart saying cockles? I think he set the record for the most frequent usage of the word per minute.

Nikita Beschi says:

It's so nice of you to actually reply to everyone. . .

rachasian says:

Robert 😍

Frosty Wang says:

ONE guy is cooking in the middle of the ocean and the the OTHER guy is humping the sea food in the back, those guys are awesome

Ahmed Wijanarko says:

Robert, youre so hot.

BB Oyuncak says:

cook in the sea ? woow 🙂

Tini Vwc says:

Thank u for recipe, tonight wanna this cooking 👍🏼👌

Gaspard chico000 says:

good fisherman

Connie T says:

yummy. .love the video setting…so refreshing and the dish looks delicious. .I am going to try it tomorrow. ..thank you

Natzky Pazky says:

Awesome people! Nice view! Great music back ground! But most of all, sumptuous pasta! Can't wait to cook it for my wife! Thanks! 👍👍

syafiatul khusnah says:

can i hv some???😢

treynanda57 says:

I wish Robert did the cockle shuffle onto me

Yama Bushido says:

"Robert, will you tastes your own cockles?" Pahahah

Iis Sukaesih says:

wow this an amazing recipe ever ❤love it so much

GZ B says:

2:41 dancing to the beat aha

Peter Johnson says:

Great video my friend. My mouth is watering. I'm going to make this for the family tonight. Thanks from Boston Mass. USA.

sakurasoh says:

Love the location!!

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