Homemade Cioppino Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 263

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eleanor schwager says:

How an you add/cook Mini lobster tails to this dish

Alastaire McCullough says:

the new jersey, it hurts

mike huskey says:

If they are open, tap on them first before you throw them away. most of the time they close. Happy cooking

Ella Duhon says:

This fish soup looks wonderful and it is basically seafood gumbo we make in Texas and Louisianna with the exception of making the roux which is the most time consumer if making from scratch or fresh made.I am sure both are wonderful.I know about gumbo cause everyone who eats my gumbo loves it.

antonio gutierrez jr says:

Kudos pronouncing it right in half Italian and u are saying it correctly

Ivan Cornejo says:

Mmmm looks like catfish would be awsoen

Tyson Tao says:

Lol u need to chew the food more, it won't be digested! It causes obesity

Ralph Joseph says:

Hey Laura wonderful by the way, wanted to know if substituting the tomato purée with sun-dried tomatoes would be a great idea? What are your thoughts

Deloris Bledsoe says:

This a very good looking chowder. I will be making this. I'm sure it smell heavenly😃 Thanks

Tippy Wong says:

i follow almost all her recipes and it worked all the time! one of her clams spaghetti in white wine sauce helped me pass my culinary exam! love u Laura xoxo

Nuwaira Al Bu-Ali says:

her dishes are the best <3 but she talks too much … I wish if she'll be fast !

Michael Nichols says:

It's actually Portuguese and not Italian. And should have Dungeness crab if you want it to be truly the San Francisco cioppino. This is more of a fish stew. Delicious but not really Cioppino.

Sherl Aragona says:

Hi Laura! Love Love Love your show! I was wondering if your making this for 15 people. Should I use 2 cups of white wine. Also how much stock should I mix?

Howard Johnson says:

After vitale went to the white mosque and slobbered all over moosekakes, I don't want anything to do with anything associated with vitale, thank you.

Nicole Lee says:

Also your pretty!!

Enrico Mariotti says:

If you are going to cook. Cook. Don't talk.

Leonel Castillo says:

cioppino isn't from Italy hahaha is from San Francisco

Tony DeTuna says:


PUSH050RaLo says:

she has some of the best dishes

Romeo Cuerpo says:

no Dungeness crab? 🙂

Taylor Schwartz says:

what if I have frozen seafood? Should I cook it in a pan first and then add to my broth?

Sally Balnao says:

yummmyyyyy!!!!I'm starving weeeewwww

Android101 says:

Your so wonderful

Mike Roberti says:

I can smell that through my phone! Yum.

Talunja Scott-Patterson says:

this looks delish…this is the first recipe that didn't add lemon/lemon juice. is that your standard? No lemon/lemon juice? Thanks for your many great videos. Can't wait to try this 🙂

Tommy Harutyunyan says:

Thank u looks great I'm about to make it now

Jeanell Johnson says:

Great and simple recipe. Scallops and shrimp don't take as long to cook as mussels and clams so I added the scallops one minute before turning the heat off and the shrimp right after turning the heat off and allowed both to sit for a few minutes before serving. This turned out great. I served with an option of pasta and/or garlic bread. Next time, I will add cod and squid.

Derryl james says:

Laura In My Pants

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