How to cook Snow Crab Leg in the oven – Easy Seafood Recipe – I Heart Recipes

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Make snow crab legs for dinner with my easy recipe. In this video I’m going to show you how to cook crab in the oven. In the tutorial I used snow crab, but you can use king crab, or your favorite crab legs. Get the recipe here:

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Hey there, I’m Rosie – Welcome to my YouTube Cooking Channel. I Heart Recipes is a hip and up to beat cooking show that show you how to make your favorite comforts. I cook everything from your favorites southern and soul food dishes, to you favorites restaurant dishes. All of my cooking / recipe videos are short , sweet, and straight to the point, and easy enough for cooking beginners to follow.


Carliesha Young says:

looks so good!

Susan Castiglione says:

How could anyone give this a thumbs down??? Sounds wonderful!!

smo0chi3 says:

maybe someone would respond here. I see a lot of pictures online of crab legs or shrimp and they have this yellow orange-ish sauce over them. it looks so good. what is it ?

Lee Lee Town says:

Ms.Ateya Rich… I'm gonna Try this … This Weekend… Everything looks Delicious!!

Snow Chef's Stories says:

vitamin C + seafood = go to the toilet ^^😁

leave this empty says:

i'm gonna try this, thanks

Naturally4U says:

I'm going to try this tonight! So thankful for the oven alternative!!!

Wonderfume489 says:

On he shell

Wonderfume489 says:

Why would you put the seasoning on the outside

Alleishia Alston says:

Is this method specifically for small portions? Could I make a party portion using this method?

WarPaint 47 says:

Lady, you are a great cook! I love all your "comfort food" dishes. These look amazing and I appreciate the friendly step-by-step process of cooking crab legs since a lot of us are first timers!

Thank you!

Larry MF Johnson says:

nice job. works bomb w king legs too!

LibraScale0924 says:

i like to steam my snow crabs but my boyfriend makes them in the oven. they are delicious. better than mine but I'll never tell him that😂😂

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