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This seafood paella from Valencia in Spain, called paella de marisco, is full of fresh seafood – squid, mussels, crayfish, prawns and clams. It’s simply seasoned with saffron, paprika and garlic to let the flavour of the seafood shine. This video shows you how to make an authentic Spanish paella, including secrets that yield perfect results every time.

Try this seafood paella for your next tapas get-together or Spanish-themed dinner party. What’s better than a big paella, meant for sharing, with some chilled white wine?

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Laurinda Reis says:

Garlic adds more taste when you actually turn it into a paste, the way that you cut it into huge pieces will not give the food no taste and if you bite into it it will taste bad!

Billy says:

You did this backwards. You can't tell someone. It to stir the rice and then tell them to add saffron and somehow gently stir that into the blend. The saffron is such crucial ingredient.

Fran garcia bofi says:

arroz con cosas no es paella!!

amal metwally says:

paella is yummy and looks delicious👍👍..

Brian Fang says:

horrid music

angel king says:

i think this looks soon yummy

BPB9973952 says:

never have seen it done this way, you should never cook the seafood first, bad recipe, sorry

concetta bologna says:

hello may i use aborio or canaroli rice? thank you.

Ryan Dale says:

There are lots of ways to make paella and i do prefer the seafood variety. But this is about as far removed from the "valencia" version as you can get. The Valencia paella typically has rabbit, chicken, green beans and no seafood at all!

Lyn Tapon says:

I try to cook the paella

bluefishbrad says:

By the time that rice is done the clams probably taste like rubber bands ….

Paella Catering Perth says:

I guess you can't please everyone with a Paella recipe. Never the less I have added your video to my playlist so the anyone wanting to do a seafood Paella can get some ideas from your style

TheOceanLiner Recreator says:

prawns omg i love those.I can eat them everyday 😀

Frank black says:

This just isn't paella. I'm trying not to swear. Never move the rice when youve poured it in the paella(pan). It will release the starch and you never want that. The rest of the recipie is just as awful as that point.
Un Valenciano

Mark Barton says:

eat paella all the time I live in spain.. recipe looks good but tastes like crap far away from a good Spanish made paella

Marta Morató says:

I'm from Catalunya and here we make it very different. First we use to put seafood and after one chopped onnion and two cloves of garlic. After all, when it's cooked, we add vegetables and at the end, we add tomato. It's different, but onion I think it's necessary.

yubidubi says:

This is not the way to make this dish!!!!!!

Noah Villagomez says:

What song is this?

Lewis Dolby says:

I should think this is disgusting and tastes nothing like proper Spanish paella, talk about overcooking the seafood!

Prangie says:

Good song choice.


i thought you may like this

WhiskeyMysticsandMen says:

The seafood must be dry and chewy as hell once the rice is done cooking.

The Jumping Dingo says:

Never knew that Paella was this simple! Thanks, AllRecipes!

pat raj says:

Hi, how many cups of rice to water ratio ? How many minutes do you let it cook ? Do you cook in hot flame for few minutes & low flame for few more minutes. Hope you can explain. Thanks

Sam G says:

So good! What a wonderful recipe.

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