Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – Easy Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

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Learn how to make Roasted Butternut Squash Soup! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Butternut Soup recipe!


Sean Brown says:

Thank you for this video!
Its Summer (6/30/2017) and I'm testing out new recipes for the coming Fall months! (my favorite time of year)

deartotheheart says:

Oh I love it, what great tips and humor! What a pleasure πŸ™‚ Thank you lord of the gourds~

Da TRUMOFO says:

Looks awful.

Tulio CorrΓͺa says:

I really really love your channel!

Rachel Tremblay says:

I like Canadians better than I like bees lol…. I'm Canadian

J-Duvel says:

just tried this but added a red pepper to the roasting tray too. Was one hell of a complex tasting soup, utterly impressed with this recipe – the cider vinegar at the end took it to another level.

CaliforniaPale says:

Did anyone else end up with something reallly really funky tasting? I mean funky as funk can be

Jessica Smith says:

β™‘ yummy tummy food β™‘

Kahonii says:

The commentary is actually so cute. Thank you for the video… can't wait to make this tonight πŸ˜€

GoldenAfrican says:

LOL I LOVe the way he fkn funny….cant stop grinning

otuzuul77 says:

what an annoying voice!!!

Charl Marais says:

Satan contracted this guy to make the loud speaker announcements in hell

uekidude says:

The best soup I've ever had and wow, it WAS, indeed, a cold, rainy day

Jessy Jess says:

hahahahaha "I love canadians better than I like bees"

Thanks ;)) Love you too lol from Canada

Herb Stinka says:

Any chance for Deer Stew dish . I have a full hind leg in the freezer waiting to be prepared . Thank you in advance. Herb

snowmchristv says:

I just made it really good. I got careless, didn't measure and might have put a little to much apple cider vinegar in at the end.

Josh Brown says:

work on your cadence, man.

Sodapop Curtis says:

I'm going to make this for the family dinner for Christmas

Kyle Kelly says:

You got my like with the honey vs maple syrup bit haha

SoraHikari Chan says:

How much water?

Kavya says:

how long does it keep? can i make it at night, heat up next day for dinner? thanks giving ya know πŸ˜›

glorialucia says:

can I substitute rosemary instead of sage? do you think it'll be too strong?

Nourhan Salah says:

"one of them vegetarians" hahahahah

mimipearlify says:

It was delicious!

Stanislaus Family Channel says:

Another great recipe chef John! It turned out great. My wife and I loved it but my kids unfortunately said it looked like diarrhea. Oh well you can't win em all I guess. Please keep the recipes coming.

dvaone11 says:

I made it last night and my family loved it. didn't use the maple syrup because I didn't have it, but honey was good for us. thank you so much for your recipe and sush s clear videos

TheLegendOfZeldaGeek 64 says:

Man do i hate the way you talk

Rosko says:

I'm gonna nut

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