Street Food Tour In Hyderabad India 2017 || Awesome Seafood Recipes On Streets || Big Fish Deep Fry

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Street Food Tour In Hyderabad India 2017 || Awesome Seafood Recipes On Streets || Big Fish Deep Fry

Never Seen Before , Mouth Watering Seafood Cooking In hyderabad INDIA , Katla Fish , pomfret , Lot Of Variety Fishes Deep Frying Road Side, Must Watch Food Video, You Will Be satisfied


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Raj Tyler says:

I remember this place 200meter distance from SR nagar police station at the signal right side. Absolutely delicious

ram chandran says:

Wow so delicious 😋 hw much cost bro

Chaurasiya India says:

bhai aapki video bahot achi lagi ….aapse puchna tha machli lal kaise hoti hai ..or kon sa masala hai

kashi nath says:

i ate it it was so tasty

Devendar Elamarti says:

can anyone share the exact location ??

zabhi sharief says:

Hi, can you please tell where it is in Hydereabad

kH Village HD Channel says:

Wow nice what food brother

Rajesh M says:

pomfret price 500 to 1200 depends on season

Neha p says:

you should add ingredients wats the fun in just putting the video we can see on the streets too


where it is

Kunchakara Dinesh says:

good for steer lovers bro.And bad for AC guys

Sam Sam says:

10rs badha ke foil use karle bhai… kyo ink khila raha hai sabko?

Parasxil Life says:

Hmmm,next to garbage bin in SR Nagar .Wait.what about restaurant that is made in inner garbage room where we can't see.Atleast these people are openly doing their business without any cheating.

Madhu teja says:

it's look delicious please give me a piece

sreekanth yadav says:

really very nice food centre in communityhall

John Dough says:

What is the red sauce (chili?) and the powder they put on before serving?

coco cheeku Lucas says:

why use too much colour

Rajesh M says:

pompret yevadu istadu 120 ki 2 tilapia fish

kashi nath says:

how much for two fishes?

sarang shinde says:

konsi fish hai ye?


where it is in S.R Nagar exact location ????

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