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bushigir says:

Nice editing and music 👌🏽

Ali Rıza İpek says:

leaves not leafs

Antara Singh says:

wow… had tears in my eyes ..while watching this .. my grandma .. was so much like her ..always had this beautiful smile.. while cooking and serving to all her grand kids…. nd i m definately gonna try this.. tanx for sharing

Victor Watkins says:

I love this lady! I know she has a lot of knowledge and wisdom, she is a blessing to have around and learn from to keep traditions going…

Nikol Martirosova says:

one day she will die and leave all of these neat recipes for u guys she disserves more subscribers!

Nikol Martirosova says:

that's just cold

Nikol Martirosova says:

they should deserve more subscribers that's just so cold man this is mabey the worlds strongest oldest person u will ever now

vipanchi joseph says:

Granny u bless us ..
v r learning ur recipies…

patrick samson says:

Wana meet ur nani

Shobhit Singh says:

today I was going to cook chicken after seeing this video I will cook this way ,nice video love you grandma

Rakesh Singh says:

Thanks Grandma for your recipes….all the recipe's are yummy…105 Year Young Chef defeating all the big so called 5,7 star's….keep smiling Grandma…& yes thanks for sharing…

ithinkplenty says:

I would feel honored to have a conversation with you. I wish you many blessings, and thank you for the videos.

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