Italian risotto stuffed pepper easy dinner recipe video. best Italian food recipes

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Another one of Jack’s great recipes for dinner. Easy to prepare. This recipe will become a family favorite for dinner. For more Italian recipes for dinner and Italian recipe ideas visit our playlists. On Facebook it’s Daddy Jack’s.


Brain Storm says:

The best!! Great Dish!!

Krk Rap Atak says:

hahaahahhahahahahaahahaaaahahah noo

Carmela Hilton says:

That's a good chef, when you can make a meal with leftovers.

Carmela Hilton says:

That's alot of filling. Which is great. I use provolone on top of the sauce. Try it Daddy Jack. You make like it. But that recipe looks really great, and I bet it tastes even better

Carmela Hilton says:

I cut the tops off sometimes, but I use them in the filling. I don't waste them either

carminesilverado says:

can't use to many onions of any kind

Zack Bond says:

It's rare I go a day without watching atleast a couple of Jack's cooking vids. Awesome stuff! A trip to Chaplin's is definitely on my list!

dojufitz says:

I tell you what Jack…..I dig your style so much…..I bought a painting……it might be worth a lot of money……ifΒ that turns out to be true…….I'm flying to the USA……and I'm eating at your joint.

TheBlownInterceptor says:

Damn, I was just in CT on my uncle's boat in Mystic, I wish I found this vid when I was there…

Tony Premium Seats Live says:

Oh oh oh so good.

Imran Ross says:

Love your videos man…This is the man!!Β 

deesterdee123 says:

what I like about your vids is the fact that you are down to earth and love what you do if I am ever in your area I will stop and try your foodΒ 

thommariner says:

I have watched with interest and amusement some of the Italian dishes Jack Cooks. In many instances his demonstrations display cucina povera.Β  I don't recall ever seeing him cooking perhaps the most popular of these dishes, pasta aglio e olio. it merely requires garlic, olive oil, pasta, perhaps an anchovie, "melted", and some parsley.Β  It's preferably garnished with grated Romano cheese, but Parmigiano Regiano would be okay, too. You can't forget to add a little starchy pasta water to the olive oil sauce.Β  Some eat it as a main course, while others eat it as a side, especially with beef.Β  I'd love to see you do it.

Great demonstrations!

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