Bengali Fish Curry | 5 Best Fish Recipes Chef Anupa | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

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Watch this video to find out how to make this recipe.

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Pornima Bansode says: are looking so cute in this video..aslo this recipe 👌

Anurja Chatterjee says:

we can afd little sugar also….. it enhances the taste with tomato

Mugdha Majumder says:

stop showing bengali dishes. wrong ingredients. wrong way of cooking. ….who is this lady. .showing wrong recepi. potato cutting is wrong. .please stop .

Ritomaitree Sarkar says:

This is not bengali fish curry. Never seen fish being fried so much for curry

indianjedi says:

never seen any bengali cook fish like this… apologies…but this is not the home style. also, when u put the fish, the oil splashed…not a good practice. the potato cuts are also not the boat types…..also, it is fish monger u and not fisherman ….

Nilajit Sinha says:

do not deep fry it like this,

Riya Basu says:

This is a very common run of the mill Bengali household recipe but it wouldn't make it to my top 5, that would any day be Bhapa Ilish, steamed Hilsa in mustard sauce. I am allergic to shrimps, hence I dont eat Malaikari but some people would also add Prawn malaikari. Also FIsh Kalia, Doi Maach etc. No oil no taste. I love deep fried crispy fish I would do it just the way you do it even if it gets eventually added to the gravy, yeah but a little bit less and fried the fish in bacthes. I would have then used the same oil to cook. I think, usually West Bengalis fry the fish more than Bangladeshis but not sure.

Shweta Naiskar says:

Chef Anupa please post some for home style bengali recipes.

Neil Dutta says:

that's not just your recepie its like every bengali family's recepie.

Samina Shaikh says:

wow vry Nice I m going to try this

sunidhi khanna says:

well well wellllll !!! best fish curry ever

Amit Maji says:

no need to do deep fry fish

jyotirmoy banerjee says:

jeere baata means cumin paste. jeere Guro is cumin powder. 😂😂 anyway nice

Arundhati Banerjee says:

Thank you Chef Anupa for this almost perfect rendition of Bengali maachher jhol. Yes I think as well, for regular homestyle maachher jhol we do not use so much oil and neither do we fry the fish pieces till such state of crispiness…but once in a while when you are feeding a lot of people this curry is a winner.

Rohini Shinde says:

nice receipy , I will try it

Nirmal Singh says:

The oil left after frying the fish is of no use so it is better to shallow fry the fish and use the leftover oil for gravy. This way all the fish flavored oil is back into the gravy which enhances the taste and there is no leftover oil.

Anju Das says:

awsm curry.

Phantom2524 says:

WTF??? I searched "min kuk is so hard" to find that knife unboxing of Anomaly, pressed the channels tab and saw Anomaly's channel and this one. just another day on YouTube…

Debasree Nishad says:

used too much oil to fry the fish.

Manisha Khankal says:

yummy fish 👌👍😚

jyoti shenai says:

don't u think it's too much of oil in which fish is fried.

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