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How to Make this simple Italian favourite Caprese Salad using the freshest tomato, buffalo mozzarella & basil – hopefully picked straight from the garden – with my avocado twist!

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1 x fresh tomato
1 x large buffalo mozzarella
1 x avocado
Dried mixed herbs
Fresh basil
Table salt
Extra virgin olive oil
1 x knife
1 x flat round plate for serving
1. Cut the centre of the tomato out from the top using a sharp knife.
2. Cut the Tomato and mozzarella into slices.
3. Place the slices of tomato on to the place starting on one side and layering a slice of mozzarella on each one.
4. Each slice of tomato you place, can overlap on the mozzarella next to it slightly.
5. Sprinkle some salt and dried mixed herbs over the top.
6. Cut the avocado through the middle, twist it and separate it from the stone in the middle.
7. Using the side of the avocado without the stone, gently peel off the skin and face it upside down on a chopping board.
8. Using a thin, sharp knife, make slits through the avocado, being careful not to slice all the way to the top and also not to make them too thin!
9. Gently lean the slices to the side so that it starts to look sort of like a flower.
10. Place this on the dish below the tomato and mozzarella.
11. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the top of the tomato and mozzarella.
12. Add a good size bunch of basil to the centre of the dish or even individual leaves to each serving.
When you serve this, your guests can add the avocado to the side or put it on top themselves.
E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!

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bista lalichan says:

i think beautyful salad.

marie Savino says:

Beautiful salad Vincenzo. I have to say its my favorite! Just wondering if you have a recipe for balsamic glaze or reduced balsamic. I think it goes well with this salad. Thank you 🙂

Vincenzos Plate says:

Ciao Paesana +MsFoxy Foxx Thank you…This is a very easy recipe for you :-)))

Kittykat Lover says:

I'm Russian but my best friend is Italian and when ever I'm at her place we eat Italian and I had that more then once btw Russians love to eat things close to that

dominique p says:

Caprese is my weakness. This looks delicious, and I never thought to put it with avacado. Now I have to go buy the ingredients!

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