Seafood in Okinawa – Street Food in Japan

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Impressively sized seafood on a market in Naha, Okinawa.


Aden Films says:

New: videos now also via Facebook:

Gala in the kitchen says:

Amazing cutting skills! Thank you for sharing!

md tanjim1998 says:

is it halal or not???

서현 says:

위생은 상당히 좋은데 물이 너무 아깝..

kalandar soğuğu says:

Hep de aynı balıkçıya gidiyosunuz

ivy ivy says:

no wonder japanese people are weird. they eat weird food.

이혜원 says:

I dont know american people are worried about wasting

Delores Nolasco says:

i have a aunt i have been looking for her name is toy sallee if anybody knows where i can find her or no of her where abouts can you please contact me

。あ says:


Tolga Tuna says:

Harikulade, wonderful,wunderbar 🙂

Disha Tomar says:

wastage of water too bad 👎👎👎

KEI C says:


으찌그래요 says:

fucking japanese!! don't waste water!!

Omer Öztürk says:

Bok bile yer amg larim

lin zerg says:


Quang Huy Ta says:

Kĩ thuật cắt mỏng của nhật là học của mấy xe bán hủ tiếu gõ ở VN đó nha mọi người

Aghnia Fauziah says:

I love how clean they prepare it ❤

Саадат Амирова says:


Johnathon Lowery says:

Hey. People. it's SALT WATER! No usable water is being wasted here so chill.

Clorox bleach says:

uhhh what's that 😳 in the thumbnail 😳

Shannon Parker says:

I like these don't talk just record the food that's it

もも子キャベツ says:


Miharu :v says:

que desperdicio de agua tan grande😯😐

Ann Yeong YGstan says:

What a clean market.

yuan zeng says:

這他媽是在日本? 全是台灣口音好不好. 幹你娘叻

다르마김 says:


Chang Bacornay says:

what kind of shell is that i haven't seen like that in my life just now it looks like good and i have no idea what would be the taste of that

DR.wordpress says:

thanks but sea foods are haram in islam because they can breav the air )

Books Are Awesome says:

They don't waste water. I've been here. All the water is reused or salt water.

Books Are Awesome says:

Best seafood I have ever tasted! The market is absolutely amazing, and huge! You can go upstairs and they will cook all the food you bought for a small fee. The oysters were my favorite.

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