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This healthy version of Pork Fried Rice is perfect for left overs. You can make a delicious homemade authentic recipe in just minutes following this easy to follow technique with just a wok and some left overs. You can also do many asian inspired recipes like low mein, chow mein and many soups with left over veggies and meat. I hope you guys try it next time you have some left overs that you dont know what to do with. 🙂


w0w sie says:

Just started my keto diet again, i got tired of eating eggs and chicken breast all the time. Im sooo happy i found ur channel, it seems i have more options to eat now. Im excited to meal prep now. Thanks so much, u dont know how much help ur giving me. God bless

Butterfly Queen says:

I'm so glad I've found ur channel can't wait to try this

rina chea says:

When do I put the pork in?

Nora Garcia says:

This made me hungry

Just be A chef says:

Wow wow wow
Big like 👍👍👍

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

that looks like some good fried rice

TosTinMan EasyCooking says:

Looks awesome! I need to try that!

spandamoney says:

how is pork healthy?

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