SURPRISE INSIDE DESSERTS – Magic Cupcake, Cake & Dessert Recipes – Satisfying YouTube Compilation

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If you’ve ever wondered how to get the design INSIDE the dessert, these surprise inside Cupcakes, Cakes & Desserts show you how in one, fun satisfying compilation style video.

My frosting recipe: My frosting recipe:

There’s always an upside and there’s always a downside but let’s all agree to focus on the Sweeter Side!

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Isen Ameti says:

its so good i like that

Dhiya Nayak says:

Thanks for posting this video elise. I made the first cake for my friend's rainbow themed party and she absolutely loved it. Please keep posting videos like this. Love from Dubai:)

Tia Laughs says:

saving this to come back to at birthdays!! A question that's been bugging me for years though: What the heck do you do with all the cakes? Do you only film when you're making a cake for someone's event? Do they all get eaten by your family? Do the kids take them to their school/kindy? I need answers!!!!!!

Shyanne Hagan says:

love you so much Elise

Just Your Average Baker says:

I love compilation videos like this! Everything looks so delicious, and you are so creative with all your bakes! #drooling #yourock 💖💖💖

Michaela Han says:

I would he the124th like, i would be the 2nd dislike, I am the 8th comment.

Miss Anonymous says:

your awesome videos make me hungry

Chelsey dayman says:

Hi who thinks Elise is is so good at baking she should do a give away

Ayana Blanca Garcia Soga says:

No 1! Elise, you're so inspirational and make my sad days happy days. Please respond!

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