Corn & Potato Chowder ~ Easy Soup Recipe

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Corn & Potato Chowder ~ Hearty Chowder made with corn and potatoes in a creamy soup base.

Salt was omitted due to the salt in the butter, ranch seasoning mix, and the bacon. Pepper may be omitted, and salt added to personal taste preferences.


bigboymarket says:

u use fresh corns or can?

Hongyun Wang says:

You are a really good chef

zeegap tunes says:

This looks great! About how many people do you think this recipe will serve?

Alexandra Mikka says:

Made this last week-end. Ranch seasoning mix isn't a thing in my country, so I didn't add it. I only added a little pepper. Also I used bacon cubes instead of strips because I like them more. Overall it turned out delicious and I'm looking forward to making it again. It's not really the best food if you're on a diet so thank God I'm skinny haha. Anyway, thank you for sharing this recipe, it was super easy to make, took less than an hour for me to make it and eat it, and totally worth it!

Jane S says:

I only had half & half on-hand, but this was excellent!

Marissa Woodworth says:

I don't have ranch mix. will that be okay

152369dude says:

I made this tonight and we loved it. I added garlic, 3 tsp of bacon grease, and two cans of creamed corn. Thanks.

Helen Florida says:

ilov your reciepi thnkyou somuch

Michele Koons says:

I just made this OMG so delicious, I added some cream corn as well, an more cheese, bacon, I made double batch, I used half heavy cream an milk added some garlic an few tbs of bacon fat amazing, very very easy an so tasty, thank you so much! the best corn chowder recipe hands down

Michele Koons says:

hi can I use milk instead heavy cream

Melody Francis says:

does it have to be red potatoes?

Neon Tiger says:

I made this for my girlfriend last night and she loved it!! Easy to make and delicious. Thank you!!!

Richard Blaine says:

That sure looks like a sticktoyourribba soup Karen! Yum!

Cathy Gutierrez says:

You are AWESOME! !!!!

TheSquishyMonster says:

I've never thought to add ranch, great idea, Karen!

food jazz says:

Jesse@simplespicykitchen, thank you for my logo! You did a great job!

Aunt Duddie says:

I'll make this tonight!

Cooking My Passion says:

Nice recipe Karen!! 🙂

faye pettaway says:


Sweet y Salado says:

I'm not lying when I say this, Karen, but I could just smell the bacon and the corn after you added them to the pot. Delicious! 

TheWolfePit says:

Holy pots of chowder does this  look amazing and super easy Karen!  I might have to steal this one from you for sure before the weather gets warm!!

FitAngie says:

Hi Karen. Yum that looks so delicious. I've never tried anything like that, I have to make it. That collage looks wonderful, thank you for placing it at the end and a credit to me. So glad you like it xox

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