Awesome Cooking Papaya Sour Soup W/ Dry Fish Recipe – Cook Vegetable Recipes – Village Food Factory

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Papaya Sour Soup W/ Dry Fish Recipe – Cook Vegetable Recipes – Village Food Factory
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Chan thourn says:

ម្ហូបខ្មែរ ស្ល ដោយកូនខ្មែរទៀត

JozaffHmida تسلمي يست Amine says:

l would like to watch the video of slaughtering chicken as possible🐓🔪🔪

Sudu Nona says:

Y u didnt use chili powder ?

edgar lagahit says:

Here in the Philippines I always cook this kind of dish,sometimes I add coconut milk,this is very delicious and nutritious,I like the child(girl)demonstrating the dish,cause my 3 sons are so lazy in the kitchen,I envious if I saw polite daughter.

Vijaya Foods says:

Very Nice.Keep it Up.

Tia Cowans says:

What's the name of the peeler being used

Fatima Zouzou says:

Sa l'ère pas bon

Solomen Cuevas says:

We have salsa where I'm from. That was curry 🍛? From what I know of that region there was tamaric, basil lemon grass and mint, garlic and fish stock. The melons were wonderfully seasonal and very inspiring. Ditaki mas! Thank you

Brian M Arvanetes says:

Every time I see you smile, it makes me smile!!

Zelândia Araújo says:

Nice vídeo, but where another First girl????? Maybe she is your sister, i dont know. I miss her a Lot.

Precisamos Amar Mais Marcolino says:


Salimah Roberson says:

I love you guys so much ☺

susmita sharma says:

Nice very healthy food

Meenakshi Ghosh says:

Tum mat Ana kave

Meenakshi Ghosh says:

Dont laik laik your sister ok

Moon Cake says:

look how cool the family dog (might Molly's mom) sitting behind the sister.

Falesha Summer says:

I like your garden u girls so sweet…

Moon Cake says:

One thing I've noticed, since I have been watching this cooking channels, is that they hardly use plastic utensils and containers. That fits well this motto: we protecting and preserving the nature; the nature will protect and preserve us.

Thanks for cooking this recipe. I'd like to try the sour taste with fish flavor. =). Thumbsup!!

charlie adam2 says:

nice garden sister

carlo dela cru9 says:

wow! you didn't use chilli in this one,.

علي البصراوي says:


Upasna Ahirwar says:

nice video & you are so beautiful also👍👍👍

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