Best Italian Gravy Recipe In the World!!!

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Italian Gravy Recipe


jim boccio says:

Gravy??…Red Sauce!!!

Melissa In Oregon says:

Love her rollers. Aweeeeee

RetroTony1959 says:

My Mom was Sicilian and her Sunday gravy took 6-7 hours to make constantly stirring. It was labor intensive but soooo good.

Czechdog says:

Thumbs up for an authentic Nana wearing rollers in her hair and not giving a damn who sees her

Mary C says:

Why do people call tomato sauce gravy it's not gravy.

mr zed says:

Nooooo. The plating
I wanted to see the finished product

Cris Sickeri says:

Not sure who is recording this, but if this is your grandmother you have such a valuable treasure with this virtual cookbook. What a blessing. Tfs

Paul F says:

Made this last week – Wow, amazing! I'm a huge fan of Italian gravy. I now have a couple quarts of this fantastic sauce in my freezer. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Lauren Shaw says:

Yummy cooking nana G..theres nothing better than watching ur grandma cook 🙂 there the best ever !!

Nikki Cole says:

Wow this looks awesome! Thanks for taking the time to show us 🙂

MrAitraining says:

Cool. But did I miss the garlic here? I must have or we have a serious problem lol. My family doesn't use parsley in sauce (just in meatballs) and the basil only after it's done. We don't use onions in sauce either. Meatballs are a whole different recipe itself! Everyone makes them a little different. I'm hungry 🙂

Vicky Leader says:

What a sweet nana!

Jon Jones says:

Best itilian recipe in the world using nothing but canned food! bbbbaaaaahhaaahhaaa…………..

Issac hunt says:

Nana why the hell you using all the different cans of tomatoes? The puree ok for extra tomato flavour but the rest are basically the same. And spring onions or whatever you call them over the pond suck. You need proper onion. I'd still try it though lol.

wovokanarchy says:

Tomatoes derive from north and South America. American Indians showed the Europeans how to cook and prepare tomatoes. Italians thought tomatoes were poisonous when they were first introduced to Italy.

Eric Wassather says:

This reminds me of my Grandmother except instead of gravy it's chili. No measures and if you ask how much she tells you just a little or however much you want. I've worked really hard to replicate that chili but it'll never be the same. I miss my Grammy.

Fontaine says:

You just gonna sneak into the resting home and make old ladies cook for your videos? Ahahahah you're dirty

rmp608 says:

God bless your Nana!!!! I would pay big money to eat over !!

BloozeDaddy says:

Nanna gravy !

max power says:

siete italiani?

vilko skorlich says:

Gravy Recipe???oil,butter and flour!!

YouRegolo says:

Nana seems a very nice person, but from Italy we just see how italian-american cousine became something completely different from what we do or used to do. Regardless of which one you prefer or the fact we call it sauce and not gravy, this way to do a sauce (thousands of ingredients added to the same pot without any order, big chunks of meat, meatballs, pepper instead of peperoncino, mixing together tomato paste plus fresh tomatoes plus canned tomatoes… and more) it just ain't what we do in Italy, and in our opinion it surely isn't the best in the world. Sorry Nana.

gianluca nicoletti says:

less cigarettes and more bigodini….

JoJo Mama says:

didn't even watch it as there are different gravies but no such thing as one "best" gravy…

Ikon says:

I always rinse the tomato residue out as while. I'm a young man… its like Italians NEVER waste when it comes to sauce.
Italian food was s peasant food that became Gourmet.

Magister Ludi says:

How much fucking tomato sauce, tomato and tomato puree u wanna add?

Skip Rope says:

The curlers are a nice touch.

Ribeye Robert D says:

Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. This is my third Sunday gravy video this month.
The incessant tv sounds make this extra authentic.

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