Homemade Doughnuts Recipe (Italian Graffe) – Laura Vitale & Nonna – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 444

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Alivia Oktaviani says:

I was thinking she came from Sicily!

Kiersten Kelly says:

i can't wait to make mine

Joy Tosado says:

When I make my doughnuts, I use a small paper bag with either sugar or sugar and cinnamon and give it a good shake so I dont have to burn my fingers to much from the hot doughnuts..I cant wait to try your Nona's recipe..they look so good!

Jonny Young says:

I love making these! every mouthful reminds me of Naples!

Artist & Vinyl love says:

I love listening to your Italian
Such a heart warming vid

Toni Beatbox says:

Ahh… reminds me of the times my grams and I make Cuban dishes at home. 🙂 I realized that my grams never speaks in english when we cook hispanic food XD

membernypd says:

I love it…

Silvia Maduako says:

Your Italian so am I!!! Sono una italiana

ToonieMama says:

Those look incredible! I sure can go for a couple of those doughnuts with a cappuccino!!

Marina De Santis says:

Hi Laura, thank you for making Zeppoli, l make them all the time, specially when we visit Zia Josepina in the northern suburbs, she is Sicsilian & I'm from Abbruzzi, we make the Zeppoli exactly the same way (with potatos). Do you or could you ask your Nonna know how to make Cartocci Siciliani, (hope I've spelt it correctly) & the cream inside needs to be crema pasticcera. It tastes way better than ricotta filling. I would really love to see you & Nonna make it. Please, please, please. This is an oldy but a goody.
Cheers from Australia

Sasywhatsbiz says:

Laura, I have you cookbook and love it!! I was searching for something to make for breakfast and saw the recipe for these donuts. My husband is allergic to potatoes though!!! Is there any substitute for the potatoes in this donuts recipe??

Veronica Figueroa says:

Italian and Spanish language are very similar 🙂

Ellenee Abrera says:

You're so amazing Laura! 🙂

Nic Sama says:

You are so honest and simple its amazing. Thats what makes you so great to watch.

laflofl says:

ahhahahaha Laura parli più napoletano che italiano sei fantastica😍❤

Puzzle Girl says:

I made these today, except that I didn't coat them in sugar. I used an electric skillet so I could make sure the oil temp stayed at 350. They cooked all right, but the doughnuts ended up super oily — enough that eating one upset my stomach. 🙁 They taste nice, though.

1234angelbaby1234 says:

That'so cute. I live in naples, and you have not lost your accent! So proud of you.

katrina purcell says:

can make a rainbow ice cream

pri22v11 says:

Wow she's a genuine Italian! I thought she was Jersey Italian haha

Ricky Totoki says:

Hey Laura!!!

I Love Your Ccent!!! Anyways, Can You Use Peanut Oil?!!

Chris Hasmani says:

that was so sweet

Natalie Bui says:

I only understand when she said like "Piccolo", it's like the teeny tiny left over dough. Something little in Italian, haha, just saying.

Modern Pioneers says:

I surely wish YouTube was around when my grandmother was alive – this memory will last forever for you and many generations to come. Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Lee says:

My husband keeps telling me that his Nona made something like donut holes with a granulated sugar coating that was HOLLOW IN THE MIDDLE. I though it was zeppoli but are those hollow in the middle. Someone please solve this recipe mystery for me……Thanks so much for these wonderful videos!!!!

amalia galeas says:

Italians are very similar to hispanics, grandmothers play a very significant role in our lives….good times…memories
Keep the tradition go ….buono appetite 

Edward wong says:

Looks delicious not healthy or good for you but taste good


she's so moody and scary too😳

Imen Ng says:

thanks forsharing this is my favorite

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