Mexican Rice – How to make Mexican Rice – Super Easy Mexican Rice Recipe – Spanish Rice

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Mexican Rice – How to make Mexican Rice – Super Easy Mexican Rice Recipe – Spanish Rice

2 cups rice
3 roma tomatoes
1/2 onion
3 garlic cloves
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
salt to taste
3 cups beef broth (can use other broth flavors or water)
1 tablespoon of knorr chicken bouillon
1 1/2 cups frozen mixed vegetables
1 jalapeno and 1 potato (cut in slices)






Letalone says:

Very interesting technique, and very concise. Subbed.

Big Will says:

Yammi! 😁

Max-Jayde Romero says:

This was very informative. Thank you! Easily adaptable to vegetarian version as I am vegetarian.

Michael Hernandez says:

estas chula lilia 😉

Roblox Master says:

I mean the YouTube eyebrows

Roblox Master says:

your eyebrows look like the Batman symbol

EatLazy! says:

Just sub to your channel 😉 I love your rice recipe. It looks really delicious.
Feel free to visit me too on my channel 😉

Bobby Sidhu says:

Sooooooooo delicious 😋 very nice Mexican rice thanks so much

Marie Beauty says:

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Vincenzos Plate says:

beautiful easy recipe perfect for any night of the week


Wow..Delicious and yummy rice.
I think I am going to try it soon, need to check whether I have all ingredients.
Kindly suggest some alternate for beef broth?

Franko USA says:

i bet that kitchen smelled good. when you were frying the rice and maybe you can make some Arroz Con Leche 😀

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