Awesome Cooking Fresh Ridge Gourd Delicious Recipes – Cook Beef Recipe – Village Food Factory

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Fresh Ridge Gourd Delicious Recipes – Cook Beef Recipe – Village Food Factory
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tryingnothard says:

I will make this w/o dry squids and shrimps. take out all the green parts of that veggies.

Chiba Riko says:


Tissue One says:

Yummmmmmy/ Excellent video.
Good girl.

Our Village Our Lifestyle says:

Nice! I love this!

Sofea Kwan Igual says:

How old is she?

Micah Houston says:

what is soup powder?

mery queen mandate says:

wow!!! it's delicious girl I'm hungry every time i watch you're vlog 👍👍👍💟💟💟💟

Celine Ramrit says:

Sooooo……. Yummy

Moon Cake says:

so happy to see little puppy Molly and her brother/sister. 2 little puppies and the mom.
I found few videos back early this year. There were few black puppies. They must be big dogs now. Thank you so much for sharing and cooking such delicious healthy food.

Moon Cake says:

I think I had tried similar recipe like this one. Ground beef with veggie and dried squid. The squids were chopped up and mixed with beef. The entire dish was steam cooked. It was so tasty with bouncy and unique flavor from dried squids.

Maria Acar says:

You are so pretty 😍😘 Greetings from Germany 🌹

Reeyas Reeyas says:

Ya I tell you loose yummy super you stayed which place

Reeyas Reeyas says:

Sorry sorry sorry

Sanjida Akter says:

So yummy please reply me

lps laylay says:


tapunyetzka says:

where is the chief cook?

Rijawati Rijs says:


Silvia frias says:

I love you videos and the food.

Rini Hmar says:

They go well with fish also…but look yummy but i dnt eat beef.😢😢

Huntergod X says:

U don label the dry squid

Fishing videos says:

nice videos

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