Gourmet Recipe: Newfoundland Seafood Chowder

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Jamie says:

Guitar way to loud I cant even pick out a word your saying

Gabe S says:

Measurements would be good.

Lisa Green says:

Excellent recipe, I loved it.  Just needed the measurements but got by without them! Thank you so much!

Shelley Ostashen says:

I have no idea what he's saying….why do people use background music on an instructional video?  I really want a good recipe for seafood chowder for Christmas, too.  Too bad, chef….put out another without the annoying guitar.

christine gomez says:

Uhh measurements? Please and thank you lol

Bill R says:

sounds like he's talking with his head up his ass and whats with the background musis you can hardly make out a word he's saying…but gonna try it anyway

guitarproarchive says:

..and you don't have to go to college to learn how to make it!

Grace Blaze says:

Very light on my stomach. THUMBS UP!

EVE GRAY says:

after watching this recipe video a few weeks ago, i must say that this is the creamiest and best tasting chowder i have ever made. i absolutely love this dish.

Lisa Ryans says:

I’m so excited on what will be the dish’s look like when it is finished. And I’m so glad it didn’t disappoint me. It really looks so yummy!! I will make it for sure!

Kimberly Cade says:

I had a lot of fun doing this dish. It is so easy yet so tasty!! My friend even loved it when they stopped by in our home.

Camilla Thomas says:

Hot season is coming, can this soup served as cold? I hope it can or maybe some other recipes for soups that are served cold. But this recipe video is definitely worth trying.

Airport Express Car Parking says:

I loved it as well 🙂

Grace Blaze says:

Wow, my brother will love this seafood chowder!

Sonia Mason says:

Yes, it helps in digestion.

carmella jake says:

..well, soups are not only for the sick

brandy garth says:

Love this video . The ingredients are easy to look for and the dish is easy to follow. Wish to make it soon for our gatherings.

juliet muriel says:

@dgourmet01 when they're professionals, they're SUPPOSED to be be that arranged 🙂

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