How to Make Vegan Pumpkin Soup:The Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

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It is fall and there is nothing better than sitting down to a nice warm bowl of soup on a cold evening! Here is a recipe to benefit from all of those wonderful pumpkins that are in season and filling our grocery stores. 

Onion Powder:


tannenbaum says:

Why not use your broth to swirl the remsining squash out of the container.

I stand with WADA says:

you should invest in a funnel for scooping stuff into narrow necked containers 🙂

JoshAdams says:

Awesome vids lately! Just found your channel and I can't stop watching! I can see you're also totally into health and fitness and love what you do! I recently posted a Healthy Budget Meal prep video, it'd be awesome if you could check it out, and tell me what you think:)

Plant Based Whole Food Lifestyle says:

Very nice. Have you ever served the soup in the pumpkin shell?

vegangal 77 says:

Looks like a great recipe! Can't wait to try it! Just to let you know, on your website, the recipe fails to tell viewers to put the onion in the blender after sauteing. Just wanted to let you know!

Vegan Heart says:

This is like my sweet potato soup! And squash! I saute mushrooms and onions and put them on top and green onion garnish is good too. You are a very beautiful cook and do an awesome job with demonstrating and explaining your recipes. My gratitude to you! 🎃👻🍠Happy Halloween!

Kimberlee Hicks says:

Hi, I noticed a lot of you recipes call for cashews. ( Not this one) My child is allergic to cashew and pistachio. What would you use to substitute for cashews? Peeled Almonds? Sunflower seeds? I really want to make your ranch but not sure what to use.

MorningChild12 says:

It’s better to add coconut milk at the end of cooking,this way it will be sweeter,fresher better tasting instead of having oily taste after 20 min. on the stove. It’s great with sautéed ginger-garlic paste,yellow curry powder and Garam masala,some tomato or sour apple.

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