Yummy Taro Soup With Shrimp Recipe – Taro Soup With Shrimp – Village Food Factory

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Yummy Taro Soup With Shrimp Recipe – Taro Soup With Shrimp – Village Food Factory

Hello all my beloved subscribers and visitors! Yummy Taro Soup With Shrimp Recipe – Taro Soup With Shrimp – Village Food Factory is about taro soup cooking with shrimp in my country.

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Jorge Bustamante says:

How does it taste?????? :0

Vijaya Foods says:

Very nice recipe.Keep it up.🌸

P4nd0r4 10 says:

hi little brother you lucky have a private chef with delicious foods she made…😊

Thomas Ernst says:

…fantastic food and video…I wish I were your neighbor…

QZahmis says:

I have watched almost all your vids…..why the plastic gloves..? No need to cook with them on..I'm sure your hands are clean..I hope someone didn't insult you over that….I don't use them when I cook… ..

kittycatdude says:

AH~~~ you guys are too cute!! <3

Nancy Garcia says:

Is that your little brother or son

chiquis96 says:

Awww that's so sweet bother and sister eating together thats cute 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 god bless every one in your family wow


Wow, your younger brother is such a sweet angel, he just made me smile😁and I still got the smile on my face. Thank you for this wonderful video cos I love sea foods especially snails, lobster, fish and shrimps😍. Thank you so much cos now I can sleep peacefully.

Seeker KC says:

omg Your little brother is very cute!

Ayesha Rahman says:

This soup looks absolutely delicious! And your brother is soo cute!

Elaine Fernandes says:

Parece delicioso. Eu amo seus vídeos. Assisto todos os vídeos que você publica e já assisti aos vídeos que foram postados antes de eu chegar. Curti todos, me inscrevi e recebo todas as notificações. Não perco nada. Um beijo. Elaine (RJ-BRASIL)

Monica goza says:

I loved this video!!!

YueRawWonder says:

Hi awesome channel.

Deóis Ua Cearnaigh says:

What an adorable little boy!

Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


marilyn vazquez says:

Aww how sweet your little brother ❤️ great video👍🏽👍🏽

Marguerite Saint Leger says:

It is beautiful there I love the Country side everything is fresh and clean from the Farm I hear the rooster in the background.

Cheryl Hack says:

What a beautiful child and the soup looks delicious!! Thanks for Sharing

Angel says:

Your recipes are very interesting and looks delicious~ and the two of you look so cute <3

Kaka Rady says:

wow good food

Sue says:

He is soo cutee

Bunga Rin says:

Adorable boy! Is he your son?

Vivien Lee says:

Soo delicious again! And ur younger brother is such a cutie… have a lovely day hun xxx

Marguerite Saint Leger says:

Which country are you from?

Jason's Wifey says:

I loved seeing your younger brother eat and greet the viewers. I think it is so adorable. Hope to see him more. By the way the person taking the video does such a great job!

Diana Mae Valdez says:

Yey! Your brother is cute! Make another one like this again 🙂

jazelle.biansat iansat says:

hi to your brother.yummy food

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