Yummy Chicken Grilling With Honey Recipe – Chicken Grilling With Honey – Village Food Factory

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Yummy Chicken Grilling With Honey Recipe – Chicken Grilling With Honey – Village Food Factory

Hello all my beloved subscribers and visitors! Yummy Chicken Grilling With Honey Recipe – Chicken Grilling With Honey – Village Food Factory is about chicken grilling with honey in my country.

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Maurita George says:

You've outdone yourself with this one. Looks super tasty! 👌

Joe Flink says:

Your videos just keep getting better and better! Thank you so much for sharing such gorgeous content. Love from the USA!

John Glynn says:

best looking chicken dish i seen for o long time mmm thank you

Tafs Zz says:

Thanks young. Chef.

Tafs Zz says:

I don't know what's the time there.

Tafs Zz says:

Good evening young.

Tafs Zz says:

She's from combodia. ..I mean ur Chef young

Tafs Zz says:

I know her she's not Chinese girl.

Tafs Zz says:

What's this! !

Tafs Zz says:

A man or women make him self here philosopher.

Tafs Zz says:

Some people are here I don't know from where understand.

Tafs Zz says:

I mean Chef young.

Tafs Zz says:

Wang shang hao Chinese girl.

Wesaam Wesaam says:

is very Delicious

marilyn vazquez says:

If I don't find the kaffir lime leaf can I just use regular lime leafs or will it not taste the same??? Great video this recipe looks delicious! 👌

Todd's Tropicals says:

Oh how yummy, glad I grow my own galangal and kaffir lime so I can make it!

Kathryn M says:

Chew with your mouth close and don't smack while chewing. Learn some manners.

Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


Robot potato says:

I really injoy your video. I have learned a lot. Thank you! Do you have any good salmon recipes?

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