KFC Crispy Fried Chicken – KFC in new simple way – Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe

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Welcome to the jamun tree. Find easy and basic steps of various recipes in this channel. Lets have a look to a new recipe.

KFC Crispy Fried Chicken – KFC by the jamun tree in new simple way

Ingredients :-

Egg – 2
Termeric powder – 1/2 tbs
Salt – as per taste
All purpose flour(maida) – 1 bowl
Black pepper powder – 1/2 tbs
Milk – 2 tbs
Kashmiri red chilli powder – 1 tbs
Chicken – 6 medium pieces(2 legs & 4 breast)

Procedure :

1. First we need to prepare egg mixture.

3. Take a bowl, put hatched eggs into the bowl then add milk, termeric, 1/2 tbs kashmiri red chill, salt as per taste, 2 tbs all purpose flour. Mix it nicely.

4. Beat the egg and do not bother much about the lumps of flour. If it is there then let it be like that and mix it well.

5. Now put chicken into the egg mixture.

6. Mix it and put in refridgerator for 1 hour to marinate.

7. Prepare all purpose flour mixture. Take all purpose flour(maida) in a plate then add black pepper powder, remaining kashmiri red chilli and salt to taste. Mix and spread it in plate.

8. We need to coat the chicken, so take out the marinated chicken and coat the chicken chunks with all purpose flour mixture. Leave the coated chicken chunks for 40 minutes.

9. We have the coated chicken, remaining egg mixture and all purpose flour mixture.

10. Now we need to prepare the final coating on the chicken pieces.

11. Dip the coated chicken into egg mixteur, again coat it with the all purpose flour mixture and put in a seperate plate.

12. Take oil in a pan and heat it. Keep the flame to medium low. Then put the coated chicken chunks into hot oil and fry it for 12 to 15 minutes till it turns crispy & brown in colour.

13. Fry the remaining pieces in the same way.

14. Serve hot with onion, green chilli and tomato sauce.

Also check the website : http://thejamuntree.blogspot.in/


Dr Sandeep S. Virdi says:

Is it a man or woman, because the hand is of woman and sound of a man. LOL

Master Gamer says:

Too Much Flour🙀

krishna mohan jha says:

Looks very yummy I'll definitely try it

aashrika dangal says:

hello the jamun tree!! i actuallly wanted to ask is it necessary to use chicken legs and breast or we can use other organs? i'm waiting for a reply

Sunita Swaminandankumar says:

plz make a video on how to make chicken ka bharta ..

Vudukid _RUN says:

one coat is enough for me

Dhezz Ollab says:

thank you I love it

azka khan says:

i will try it then i will tell u ..does it give a kfc taste like crispy etc???

Mind It!! says:

Skin should be left for crispyness

Rabi Barnwal says:

Very Nice .. Thank U

Shalender Singh says:

very very nice👌👌

naya morgan m says:

i try it at home and it came out good

sahil Dayal says:

tell me how to make it cridpy

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