Yummy Black Chicken Soup With Ginseng Recipe – Black Chicken Soup – Village Food Factory

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Yummy Black Chicken Soup With Ginseng Recipe – Black Chicken Soup – Village Food Factory

Hello all my beloved subscribers and visitors! Yummy Black Chicken Soup With Ginseng Recipe – Black Chicken Soup – Village Food Factory is about black chicken soup with ginseng in my country.

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Sabrina Madray says:

That thing look scary

aizlyne1 says:

Black chicken and those special mushrooms are Very Expensive to buy in Canada. Looks so yummy!

VIỆT_TV_channel THANH says:

Chicken very good

Jennie Lynn says:

My neighbor has black skin chickens and chickens that lay colored eggs like 4-5 colors

Naina syhmikhn says:

This is first time look u cook black chicken..i never seem black chicken this before..
You good..very clever to cooking.

Prashant Bharti says:

Nice black chicken soup 😊😊😊😊 Have a beautiful day dear 😘😘😘😘😘😘 Love you 😊😊💜💜💜💜💜

Sandee Iove says:

fine lovely next fond of you Tieme Lao👍👍

dsjoyful14ever says:

Congratulations on 25 Thousand subscribers. Your channel is growing so fast Sros. That is because of your wonderful cooking and your wonderful personality. People love watching your channel.

dsjoyful14ever says:

Hi Sros: The different types of mushroom looks so interesting and beautiful. The entire dish looks so yummy. With your own chickens and amazing veggie and herb garden, you practically have your own market right in your backyard. You did another amazing recipe that I am sure is so delicious. Your family is so blessed to have such a wonderful cook as you, Sros.

Valdi obrigedo ebom Silva says:


Иван Шмидт says:

the question for this hen is green eggs huh?
can make a dish from a green egg?
Thank you

Cheryl Hack says:

Yummy looks delicious!! Thanks for Sharing

Иван Шмидт says:

Спасибо чёрная мясо курицы для здоровья хорошая белок в 5 раз больше чем у обычьной курицы
вопрос у этой курицы зелёныи яйца да ?
можете сделать блюдо ?

Fat Chub Chub says:

What country??? Looks awesome the chicken meat

Ramon Lazo says:

Very nice! The videos seem to be looking better.

YueRawWonder says:

Nice video thanks for sharing I love ginseng.

Irvin Wittmeier says:

Thank you for posting very nice !;-)

Jenny Lakhram says:

Delicious. But please take the chicken head out.

Lana Alana says:

Healthy recipe…gr8

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