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This is a momo soup recipe that can be customised for pork, beef, or chicken bones. Order a plate of momos and it will most likely be accompanied with a bowl of hot momo soup. It is a clear broth, comforting—you can even call it fortifying—and always complimentary.

The momo soup recipe is the result of trying to use up throwaway items such as animal or bird carcass and bones, vegetable shavings, and so on. Normally, you would serve pork soup with pork momos, beef soup with beef momos, and so on. Here, we show you how to make momo soup that is potent and flavourful, with tips that will help produce a clear, non-cloudy, broth.

This broth can also be used as stock in the base of other, more elaborate soups, gravies, curries, etc.

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Steamed pork momos:
Momo chutney:
Momo wrappers:

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Abhishek Dey says:

From the day I started watching this channel… I have fallen in love with food as a whole… and the whole concept of celebrating food, what we do in bengal… Momos or dumplings, as called in different parts of the world… has been an absolute pride for Calcutta… As my father keeps telling me about the bygone days when he used to have dumplings in China town, and for those ignorant sick people.. who are so worried about the type of meat being used here… fyi the innocent chicken came into bengali platter much later than mutton… and many zamidars and royals due to the influence of chinese and british used to have pork also… my maternal Uncle who is 78 now used to have pork on almost daily basis.. and is still cooked in his place.. which I love to have whenever I visit my mamabari, and I am a hindu(if at all it comes to that)!

Bengalis Kitchen says:

delicious …testee

Prateeti Pradhan says:

I love your videography and editing absolutely!
Recently dekhchi ganer background music ta komiye cutting and chopping er gulo beshi prominent korecho tomra,amar somehow ager ta beshi bhalo lagto etae knife er awaj gulo ektu beshi lagche,janina onnoder ki mot but ager jinishta ferale better lagto! 🙂

Rajashree Halder says:

রসগোল্লার রেসিপি

Madhumita Mukherjee says:

Congratulations! Kudos to you both. I am happy that you are showing the true Bong Spirit and producing the best. Food has one religion and it preaches nutrition, taste & hygiene. I am amazed how meticulously you pointed out the fact about rubbing bones with salt. How do you know the technicalities of cooking? None of you are trained chefs. It clearly shows your unbeatable spirit of being perfectionist. I am amazed! Your cutlery and portion measurements are very detailed and deserves applaud. Few feedback 1) Music- this vedio should have given me flute and calmness of mountains not Boul of shantiniketan.
2) Try to put spoon measurements to help new learners.
That's it. Bengali after all, being critical is my Bong Right.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. I look forward to your video. Continue the GREAT job you both are doing.

prapti kundu says:

you guys are doing a really great job. i follow many cooking channels but this is really something very unique.. or i must say we bongs are born unique😅
there will be haters and followers but the ultimatum is to follow what you really love to and share with othrs..
i never had pork before but i can say that i would love to try it after watching this recipe..
thnku for sharing your recipes with us 😍😊

Ayan Majumder says:

please change the background music.add something, new guys.

Anirudh RC says:

Nothing is better than pork…uff bhebei jibe jol ashe..darun ! kal e china town jete hbe for some good pork !

Ravin Shah says:

Even I want to have such warm soothing soup in cold winter evening. But I am vegetarian 😅😅

Sampriti Paul says:

How come you guys are so perfect? Literally have fallen in love with food….

Sabnam Das says:

All this comments fight I knew that going to happen but again please don't be upset or disappointed . You are new generation specially bong suppose to be fearless intelligent and artistic ahead of everybody mentally intellectually and spiritually.

Vishwa Protim Banerjee says:

Ekhane onek jone rai achey jara recipe ta niye apotti jaaniyechhe. Haleem er recipe tao dekhlam, comment e shei eki bepar! Okhane bolchhe bangali ra beef khaye na ar ekhane bolche bangali ra pork khaye na..Keu amaye bolbe j beef chhara haleem, o pork chhara traditional momo ki bhabe hoye?
Tahole ebar mone hoye next abdaar hobe : mangsho chhara biriyani – veg biriyani 😑

Zeenat Firdous says:

Shit yaar chiken dena chiye bengali pork kb se khane lage

disha mukherjee says:

Love your channel.. every recipe makes my mouth watery.. lovely presentation, precise detailing, everything on point!
Just a little suggestion- please use varieties of background music.. this one's getting a bit monotonous!

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