Italian Veal Osso Buco Recipe

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The Bald Chef shows you how to cook this famous recipe from Italy, Osso Buco . Some call this Osso Bucco, and it is a Veal shank slow cooked Italian style These recipe is braised in a tomato sauce with Baby Bella Mushrooms. This Italian recipe is served atop of a bed of fresh Pasta, this is the Southern version of this recipe and is indeed restaurant quality. Give this great Italian Veal Osso Buco recipe a try and you will love it!


John Civello says:

Chef, I couldn't help notice the heavy breathing when you talk. Lay off the salt and get some exercise! The Osso Buco looks delicious.

Maria G de T says:

Nooooooooooo, harmfully really

BIGGUN says:

and aah…..

The Bobby Boucher says:

don't know where to start. so many issues with your recipe

Pedro Silva says:

No way,I would never eat that

Pedro Silva says:

Red wine, instead of white, wrong

Pedro Silva says:

Are you sure you are a real chef,I can't believe it.

Pedro Silva says:

What a chef,I don't like it. No flavor like dog food

Johnny Mathews says:

and ar, is ar all good ar and ar.

sebastian gonzales says:

would it impact the meet greatly if you baked the shanks in a turkey pot/pan? seeing as i have 6 shanks, also would spare me having to go out and get a big cassarole pan or dutch oven

Andrew David says:

Who said you can't get creative with ingredients?! Pesto seems like a plenty complimentary addition to this. I wonder, did you use it in substitute for gremolata in a way?

Thanks for the video. I'm a big fan of one pot/one pan meals and this looks great!

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