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Hey folks, I’ve got a brand new Keto recipe for you today, we’re making an Asian style Seafood Soup. It’s going to have some prawns and some fish and it’s a light flavourful broth, not the highest in fat content but you know what, just pop a fat bomb after.

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Cheers & Keep Cooking!

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Sumedha Ranaweera says:

ESET Antivirus is blocking your site stating that it's dangerous. I had to add an exception to my rules. You better check out why!

Joe Robinson says:

I’m definitely making this! 🤘

JulissaDoesStuff says:

It looks delicious!
I may have to switch over to keto soon, so I’m going to need to make more of your recipes!

Sadia Sonya says:

Wowww…. Thank u so much for this amazing sea food recipe. I m definitely gonna try this tonight.

atsz says:

Don't know if I want to live vicariously through an egg getting beaten and cooked. But this does look delicious and simple. Though I'll probably improvise on some of these not so common ingredients

Ronald Malcolm says:

"The soup, that is." How droll. 😄

Paul Spiers says:

I can smell that soup from here. Mmmm

Dini G says:

Delicious 😚

Suresh S says:

Looks like something I could try my hand at making. Although I'll probably lay off the egg to keep it light since I'm not on keto.

Linda Givens says:

Will be trying! You’ve got my granddaughter saying enough jibber jabber! Love your videos!

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