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Today I’ve got a Keto Chicken Cake recipe for you. I was inspired by a Tasty video that a friend posted on my Facebook timeline and while their version had non Keto items like breadcrumbs and corn, I decided to design a keto version of that recipe.

So here is my Keto Chicken Cake. Get the full recipe with macros on ‎

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Poppy 926 says:

stuffed chicken bacon bombs!!!

Sadia Sonya says:

Does that look deeliuucYes? ?it does. Please make a video of full day meal plan for keto. That will be really helpful.

jacqui hida says:

Awesome! I'm so going to make this for a Christmas Eve "pot luck" party!

annuka3 ortiz says:

Impresionante de rico,!!!!!!!!la musica genial:)

Hannah says:

1 Love the tune
2 LOVE the recipe
3 As always, you're fantastic
4 I prefer the jibber jabber, but nothing wrong with flipping it around though!

peerless67 says:

m/ (*_*) m/ Everything tastes better with bacon

T Crane says:

OMG…. U made a chicken cake??? That is the craziest and coolest thing I've ever seen. Looks amazing.

meire oliveira says:

Hey! I read Portuguese on that recipe! Is the recipe Brazilian one or i is it Portuguese?

Ratboy says:

Normally I'd miss the jibber jabber, but the music was so kick ass it worked

Leo Girardi says:

Good recipe/music!
A note on the Tasty type format:
– The biggest fault I have with their stuff is the "flashing" of ingredients for only a second or two, and you either have to pause with each item, or rewatch it. It would be great if you did any like this again, to, for each sequence of ingredient steps… start listing them in the upper left. Then just add to them until that "group" is done.

Keep up the good work!

Moni Chippewa says:

Can't wait to try this.. love the song

Keto Meals and Recipes says:

A couple of comments:
1. I totally agree with your observation on Tasty and how they present their perfect-looking recipes. I agree that lots of editing obviously occurs, and I observe that most of their recipes come from other sources. It is good that they give credit in these cases, so that it is possible to look up the source for more information.
2. I fully understand how hard it is to come up with ideas for videos to post. I really appreciated the honesty in your video. Thanks: Your video added a great deal of value!

Deepa Gupta says:

Hey headbanger's kitchen I really love ur recipes n tips dat u give,plz help me I'm so much stuck I don't know what I'm doing wrong but my weight is not dropping 😔

Lena Marie says:

I like your music, but I like hearing your jibber jabber better 🙂

Lisa TheCatDude says:

I love heavy metal. 🤘🏽

sahu vicks says:

Hey sahil..nice recipe there. Can u do some keto fritters? Missing those pakodas.

Rach Kate says:

Not my kinda music but hey, each to their own hehe.
(I'm more of a chilled vibes kinda person like chillhop and jazzhop etc)
This would be nice with some steamed green veggies.
P.S. It's called a ring tin- a bundt tin has different grooves.

edgelord of mordor says:

Oml!!!! That looks.

Outta words

See Canon says:

Quit putting yourself down. Everyone watching this episode drooled uncontrollably. I'm going to use a loaf pan with a lift out for a meatloaf or a regular bundt pan. That way, there will be enough for the two of us! Laughing here. Bacon is good on everything.

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