Street Food Recipes From Around The World

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Mr. Dead says:

Aaaaaah churros aren't baked they are fried

PollyMamedePsi says:


Rocket Man says:

I love Spanish street food 🇪🇸

joel menra says:

Eating pig is a sin it is unclean to you in the bible chapter levicutis it said so so is camel,lobster,shrimp,lard

Dj Khaled says:

I don't mean to spoil the vid but pastel is NOTHING like that..pastel is like a tamale in Mexico but more like a Cornish pasty in England with minced beef, capers, herbs,and beef stock with a wet corn flour dough to cover the condiments…that's what I know pastel is from my country at least

ralexlu says:

Just bought all ingredients for the first dish…MY LIFE REALLY NEEDS IT RIGHT NOW!

Murmeldyrful says:

Looks like your hand model has warts in his palm. Will recommend wartex for treatment. In the meantime – GET SOMEONE ELSE, IT’S DISGUSTING!

Connie Orea says:

I think it is paste not pastel. Just saying.

Amruta Folane says:

This does not have 'vadapav' from Mumbai or Pune, India! It's the most amazing street food ever! Simple yet soo tastyy!! @Tasty should make a video on that!

Salrewma aserie says:

We want the tasty app also on android.

Nisrina Denita says:

in 3:42 the sauce kinda like blood😅

Alfiansyah Rahman says:

No Indonesia street foods mean down vote

Marcio Henrique says:

Mds colocarm pastel, agr sim

CrazyJim says:

nah, thats no gyros

Allisha Shird says:

I love your videos so so much 😻😺😸

Shreya Riswadkar says:

I need a part 2!!

Lucas Vencato says:

Nice to see somenthing from brazil here

Freddy versus Jason says:

Thank you, Tasty. For making all food from Indonesia. I really hope that no other country claimed our food as theirs.

Archit Barve says:

Try making vada pav (indian snack)

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