Grilled Fish (grilled tilapia fish) | Nigerian food recipes

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Nigerian Food – Nigerian Grilled Fish recipe
Ingredients for Nigerian Grilled fish – grilled tilapia fish
• 2 Whole Tilapia/Croaker/sea bream Fish(or any whole fish of choice)
• 1 tablespoonful ground Black pepper
• 1 tablespoonful thyme OR basil OR dried oregano(Optional but adds nice Herby taste &flavor)
• 1 tablespoonful ground kuli kuli (optional, but you’ll like the nutty taste…give it a try)
• 1 tablespoonful ground Red Chili pepper(or to suit your taste
• ½ teaspoon ginger powder (optional)
• 1 tablespoonful garlic powder/3 cloves garlic, minced
• 1 bouillon /stock cube (optional)
• ½ teaspoon curry powder(optional)
• 3 tablespoonful Vegetable Oil
• ½ teaspoon Salt to taste
Tip: a lot of spices listed here are optional, but the pepper, salt and oil are the most important, so feel free to combine them to your taste.

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phlymami says:

How cute are those 2 cucumbers though 😂😂😂

Nnenna Onwukwe says:

Nigerian food is the best!

Suryafara bracke says:

I'm really in love to try Nigerian recipe now.Delicious looking foods. Love from Malaysia.

Uzoh TC Valentine says:

Been like forever since I made such delicacy. I miss home like crazy. I'm sure trying my hands on this this Easter. Thank you for posting this ma'am


8 to ten minutes, how hot was your grill?

adepeju adeleke says:

I just tried the recipe .. It was really nice .. Thank you

Kamara R says:

Wow, I love it. I'll never fish learn not now good. I'll try learn cook fish. 🙂

Rofiat Babalola says:

Thank u very much for this but if I want it very perprish how do I do it

happy precious says:

Look yummy, going to try today

Wilmy Hurricane says:

+Nigerian Food TV  Great video. How do I prevent the fish from sticking to the grill?

Kemmtry David says:

thanx am going to try it

Shahzada1prince says:

I love this recipe….though less spicy for me

Sylvia B says:

This is really nice. Did you use a normal home cooking grill for this? I will definitely have to try this recipe. 

Jamila Khalil says:

thanks a million – u r awesome

Doodlebugdude says:

Gonna try this.  My marinate was slightly thicker though.

Albert Escamilla says:

do you have to gut it?

Natalie McNeill says:

can you use fish with no skin?

LearnAndPlay2001 says:

It was tried, it was tested and it was delicious!
Thank you

jacque mcc says:

Awesome!!! soooo happy I found your channel, Yummm!!

Rosepetal says:

Very Nice. Tried the recipe and it turned out really well.

Nigerian Food TV says:

Thank you so much Angie Carney, I'm so glad to be of help and I hope you try out more recipes 🙂

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