5 Things to do with… Chicken | Food Tube Classic Recipes

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Chicken is one of the most versatile and delicious meats on this planet! So, here are 5 of our favourite chicken recipes for you to try at home. These recipes are sure to have your friends and family flocking to yours for dinner!

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Chicken Recipes | http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chicken-recipes
Harissa Chicken Tray-bake | http://jamieol.com/ChickenTraybake
Lemon Chicken with Smashed Sweet Potato | http://jamieol.com/lemonsmashedchicken

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Tunisian faten says:

You're the best jamie !!!! feel positive while watchin' you !

Josh Neville says:

Anyone wanting a 6th great way to use chicken? Check out the recipe on  https://www.thesimplelifeblog.net  for baked cornflake crusted chicken pieces. I don't think I've ever eaten baked chicken which was so deliciously tender, and yet as satisfying crunchy as fried! P.s. Jamie Oliver has been a huge influence on my whole family's cooking. I everyone to try the Jalfreizi featured in Superfood Family Classics!

Cook with Krishna says:

Awesome.. I love chicken..

Musaab Al-Azawi says:

for me. I will cook the last recipe 🙂

Marlene Delgado says:

I love Gennaro Contaldo. "Why I am cooking so good?"

Food World says:

Can you make a recipe for christmas… like a swiss roll ?

Maxine Riverdangus says:

Im a meat person and tgis is making me mad like crazy

XenonKirito says:

Chicken Nugget? More like chicken fingers. That's what they look like.


TASTY! These look so delicious!

easy Katja Kochen & Backen says:

OMG i Need that Now

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