5 Budget-Friendly Vegan Comfort Food Recipes for Under $2

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We’re back for another 5 under 5 series! In this edition, I’m collaborating with CheapLazyVegan to show you 5 budget-friendly vegan comfort food meals that are under $2 per serving.
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Y&S FOOD! says:

Outstanding movie! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we like to uncover these types of contents. We produce Travel & Food films as well, across the world, and so we are constantly interested in inspirations and also techniques. Thank You.

Lauren Bell says:

ooo pls do Greek!!

Lauren Bell says:

all these recipes are bombbb

samati says:

I'm sitting here eating popcorn because I "couldn't find anything to eat". But then I realize I have all of these ingredients! All of these recipes looked so delicious!

SisiaVogel says:

might sound weird but you could try Romanian food!! Romanian cuisine is funny because despite most recipes having a lot of meat, it's "accidentally vegan" 40 days of the year, aka during lent when we cant eat ANY animal products! you could try any recipe titled "de post" (which means "for Lent"!) 😊

Morleigh Clare says:

you food looks like pee

Kelly A says:

I'm making the vegetable soup tonight.

Mandy Roy says:


Never before I have I watched a recipe video and been compelled to make something right away.
That potato broccoli soup is currently simmering on the stove!

Edit: the Italian seasoning was weird (for me) in this. I think I would have preferred it with a little dill and some oregano. That’s how I’ll make it next time. A great base recipe that can be tailored to individual tastes!!!

Sanya Tuncan says:

Can you do middle eastern soon? I’m half Turkish and we’re going to turkey in the summer and no one else is vegan and they all think I️ have some kind of disease because I’m vegan and I’d like to have some vegan middle eastern recipes to show them so they can see how easy and awesome it is to be vegan!!💞

Sanya Tuncan says:

I’m literally going to try alllll of these recipes

Sterre Verhoeve says:

I know what I am going to do in the holiday! 😝

Jennifer Adams Franklin says:

Honestly, I never ever thought I would ever have mac n cheese, potato and broccoli soup, or MASHED POTATOES O_o again. I greatly appreciate you guys making this video. Love it! Need your vegan recipe books in my life.

Tina Jaxén says:

the vegan mac n cheese is my favorite! make similar things to that a lot! so perfect <3

Jane Smith says:

I love these budget-friendly videos 🙂

Julia Adney says:


Tasmia Ferdous says:

Omg do Asian

Elizabeth SmartyPlants says:

These all look amazing girl! 👌

Vianey Camacho says:

Where do they sell tahini?!! I've never seen it anywhere

irishgirl81498 says:

gonna make the mashed potatoes and try freezing them to have for cold nights!!

Mikey Silbert says:

I'm so going to make the mac and cheese! All I need to grab from the store is some nutritional yeast, a potato, and the noodles, then I'm good to go! I think I might add peas to it too 🙂 thank you for some awesome, simple food ideas! I may be able to get my non vegan family hooked on the mac 😀 haha

Jorden Osnoe says:

Going to try that soup next week with whole wheat macaroni! Yum!

Nelli Kisliuk says:

PLEASE do Russian inspired food. I would LOVE you see you veganize Russian food!

Razzle Dazzle Vegan says:

Budget friendly Asian sounds nice! And what about African? 😀

melissa salisbury says:

greek wold be cool.. love your food. i'm going to try the mac and cheese.

Haley Craven says:

Your vegan cheese in the squirt bottle….yes!!! Haha.

Just Shoshi says:

How is it so cheap less than 4 cents for a carrot?????? In Australia it's like 7 bucks

Cole Marie says:

How you get an opinion for .06 cents or a

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