SWEET TOFU | 2 Easy Recipes

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Hello marzipans! Today I’m showing you two easy tofu dessert recipes. They require just a few ingredients, and both taste amazing.
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Reony Tonneyck says:

Careful giving Poods too much tofu all the time. There's a high amount of estrogen in it, obviously not good for men.

Milk says:

Idk if I'm weird but I use to always eat fried tofu, rice, banana and chili salt… yeah I'm weird HAH

Liam Hunter says:

Are you ok, you look really skinny

Mr.PeeWee says:


Natalia Carrión says:

your puddin could have been liquidy cos of the brand of tofu, since that one is kind of soft

Megpie says:

Sugar acts as a wet ingredient so thats probably why it turned out so liquefy since you added both the cocoa and sugar itself.

Zdenka Dolinajcová says:

Two days ago I was at korean restauran and ordered fried tofu. I thought it will be salty but it was sweet like with caramel or something. Thak you for reminder, now I am hungry again 😀

ciel phantomhive says:

I've never really tried tofu until now it tast so good!!!

Nikkita Kumar says:

This recipe is one of my favorites. I usually replace sugar with honey if you're looking for less sugar, or even better replace it with brown sugar.

WizZi3 says:

i need me a marzia

jellojyles says:

I honestly love the complete contrast between Felix's and Marzia's videos. It's so beautiful.

Jessica Huisamen says:

Where's that meme where a teacher with black hair and pink dress is compared to a highlighter? I feel like marzia looks like that but opposite

Pandemonium says:

OMFG im sooooo trying this, thanks so much for doing these recipes marzia <3

Joanmarie Rodriguez says:

VERY NICE! – Felix 😂😂😂

Jasmine Elm says:

They look SO good

AR says:

Why I love Marzia's Videos is because, firstly every video makes me wanna be creative and its the only channel that does not involve with sort of Youtube Drama, fake fake fake, world catastrophes, human violence, bullies and etc. Secondly! I get to see some of behind the scene of Pewdiepie! 😀 well yes of course I love seeing Marzia as well haha ^.^V

Much <3

kittencutie96 says:

Wow tofu like that I never really thought I'd consider eating anything with tofu but that looked good

jag är extremt trött says:

I can't be the only one who wonders WHEN THE FUCK THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED

MaiRi love says:

Very nice !

Mr. Snarky says:

Yas! Definitely going to try these. They look delicious and vegan? Bonus!

Monika Jukic says:

Korean shows are the funniest

Ryan Parker says:

pewds respecting his wamens cooking recipes. verrry niiiice.

Yash Keni says:

You should watch food wars if you haven't!

Park Jihye69 says:

her hair looks really cute! but i think dark hair suits her best, it gives off a different, a more pleasing aura :3

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