Hearty Ham & Potato Soup Recipe | How to make Potato Soup | The Wolfe Pit

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This cooking video shows you how to make the BEST EVER Hearty Ham & Potato Soup! This is an amazing an easy potato soup recipe! Simple, easy and Delicious! Watch this video and see how easy this is to do!

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Generic Name says:

As a huge fan… please STOP with the recipes. If you mention one in a "what are we eating?" video and tons of people ask for your recipe, then sure. But I and MANY other people just never watch these. In fact I turned off my ad blocker (which I set to block comments because they're toxic) and paused the ad at 0 seconds just to avoid watching this but still be able to comment.

I absolutely guarantee you're going to get a bunch of 13 year olds who sit at home on their computers 12 hours a day doing nothing worthwhile saying "don't be a dick I love these videos!", for every youtube video there's at least a few hundred people that like it. The problem is that's ALL there is for these recipe videos. You lend yourself MUCH better to what are we eating, and I'm guessing people would actually like to see a vlog once in a while of a shopping trip to buy these things. Maybe on your second channel or something.

But please, stop with the recipe video uploads, people watch this channel for the crazy shit you subject yourself to eating, not your family recipes, as good as I'm sure they are.

I will not read any replies to this so 12 year old edgelords need not reply.

Jakob Kaine says:

DO NOT listen to the chuckleheads whining about the recipes. Quite a few of us started watching your content for the recipes. The "What are we eating?" are just the hilarious toppings on the cake. Keep it up.

Paul F says:

That looks sooo good! I've already tried your split pea soup recipe, excellent stuff. I'm definitely going to make this either Sat or Sun.

Dark Ridr says:

I appreciate the reviews and the cooking videos. I've used a few of your cooking techniques and tips to add to my own methods to make some tasty stuff. I vote to keep interspersing them both.

Ragin Caucasion says:

Just do the conyent you enjoy you can tell when a youtuber is doing what they love or are just pandering to the fans any one can just spit out a video for clicks with no soul behind it.

Ragin Caucasion says:

That meal is not kosher putting this out during Hanukkah shame.shame…shame

Quintin Groves says:

Good content as usual Wolf pit Q from Q food review's god bless

Maxboon Boon says:

oooh how i love these old recipes videos, LOL and i wil try this one at home. keep up the good work,, Greetings from Holland,, Kitty.

Dakhath says:

I don't typically comment, but I'd like to see both. So long as your video titles make it clear which a video is, and you can maintain some semblance of a schedule with both, then post what you like. It's YOUR channel after all. Make a series out of each.

ToriZee says:

Im so glad the cooking is back!!! I originally subscribed when you were doing cooking mostly! I love the What Are We Eating videos too but its good to have these also! Dont listen to the idiot we will watch both types of videos!!

Jim Spencer says:

Another GREAT video, I love this channel. Thanks for taking the time to post. Merry Christmas!

Android Hacker says:

That looks like something that comes out my buthole Damm It looks so good (:

Bob Harley says:

I would like to see your face

mike mac says:

Oh yes this looks delicious perfect for this time of the year yeah definitely making this except I'm adding a little cayenne pepper LOL

Ryan Corona says:

Wolfe keep making content that you enjoy making. Don't listen to the hate! Your recipe videos are great. Most of your subs are here because you're an awesome person. Anyways Merry Christmas.

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