Hot & Sour Soup (Chicken) Recipe By Food Fusion

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Make restaurant quality hot & sour (Chicken) soup at home. Try this recipe Today. Make it the way we do and enjoy your winters. #HappyCookingToYou


Recipe in English:

-Butter 1tbs
-Mushrooms chopped 2 tbs
-Garlic paste 1tsp
-Chicken julienne 250 gms
-Chicken stock 4 cups
-Water 2-3 cups
-Tomato paste 1 tsp
-Red chili powder 1 tsp
-Salt ½ tsp or to taste
-Black pepper powder ½ tsp
-Soy sauce 1 tbs
-Vinegar 2 tbs
-Corn flour 4 tbs
-Water 1cup
-Carrots julienne ½ cup
-Cabbage julienne ¾ cup
-Colored bell pepper julienne ½ cup
-Egg white 3

-In pan, add butter and let it melt,add chopped mushrooms and mix it.
-Add garlic paste and saute for 2 mins.
-Now add chicken julienne and saute until chicken changes color.
-Add chicken stock and water, bring it to boil.
-Add salt, black pepper powder, red chili powder and tomato paste, mix it.
-Add soya sauce, vinegar and put it on simmer for 8-10 mins.
-Dissolve corn flour in water and add gradually while stirring.
-Add carrots julienne, cabbage julienne colored bell pepper julienne, cook for 3 mins.
-In the end, add egg white and keep stirring it.
-Serve hot with condiments.

Recipe in Urdu:

-Makhan 1tbs
-Mushrooms chopped 2tbs
-Lehsan paste 1tsp
-Chicken julienne 250gms
-Chicken stock 4 cups
-Pani 2-3 cups
-Tomato paste 1tsp
-Lal mirch powder 1tsp
-Namak ½ tsp or ya hasb e zaroorat
-Kali mirch powder ½tsp
-Soy sauce 1tbs
-Sirka 2tbs
-Corn flour 4tbs
-Water 1cup
-Gajar julienne ½cup
-Band gobhi julienne ¾cup
-Colored bell pepper julienne ½cup
-Egg white 3

-Pan mein makhan dal ker melt ker lein ab is mein mushrooms chopped dal ker mix ker lein.
-Lehsan paste shamil ker k 2 minute kliya saute ker lein.
-Ab is mein julienne chicken dal ker itna saute ker lein k rang tabdeel ho jaye.
-Chicken stock aur pani shamil ker k boil ker lein.
-Namak,kali mirch powder,lal mirch powder,tomato paste dal ker mix ker lein.
-Soya sauce,sirka dal ker 8-10 mins kliya simmer per rakh dein.
-Akhir mein corn flour pani mein hal ker k thora thora dak ker musalsal chamcha chalatay rahein.
-Ab is mein gajar,band gobhi,simla mirch dal ker 3 min kliya paka lein.
-Akhir mein anday ki safeedi dal ker musalsal chamcha chalatay rahein.
-Garam garam serve karein.


komal shaheen says:

please make chines soup

zuhair mir says:

bht patla ha soup
itna patla nhe hota

Samina Sajjad says:

So yummy 👍👌

Sumit Kadam says:

WHY &WHAT u HV done at 0:33

Gohar Husnain says:

ap could coffee bnana sikha dain

Hadeesa Aman says:

ماشاءالله ❤💙💜💛💚

Noor ul huda says:

vegetable soup ki recipe share kren plz

meher zain says:

Araaaa waaahhhh

zarnane riaz says:

plz make vegetable soup

N Faisal says:

Yaarrrrrrr food fusion k spoon holder are just 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Marium Tahir Syed says:

R mushrooms essential for the soup

arsalan khan says:

this is not authenticated chicken soup

Neelma Sarfraz says:

Hi …ur chanl is amazing wth huge verity of food…..can u plz make 19b soup wth origionl recip who served in pakistani chinese resturants as soon as posible….i ll b waiting

Saima Irshad says:

m great fan of ur receipies. I just want to know when I cook soup it always become watery? any tip for fixing it please.

kausar rajpoot says:

Ap ki nuggts ki recpi try ki allllllllll thi.

Maryam Fahad says:

Pls tomato paste Ki recipe batade

Black Money says:

Plz make tomato chicken soup you guys are amazing 😍

Fatima zafar says:

So good i tried zinger recipe and everyone like it😍😍

Annie Khan says:

if you are on diet then?

Nil Jee says:

how to do chicken strock

naeem mansuri says:

manchow soup recip plzz

emman ahmed says:

aryyy wahhh

malik tma says:

aryyy wahhh bae wahhh😉😉😉

Mehboob Deshmukh says:

mind blowing. …superb😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

Srrour Shahdab says:

kya baat hai mun main paani aa gya

Andrea Patel says:

chicken breast or chicken thigh?

sonoo sonoo says:

thnxxx food fushion

sonoo sonoo says:

ap jo se tawa use krta hn vo khn se mily gaa

Naina Malik says:

What other veggie can we use other then mushroom and cabbage and bell peppers

Rex Roy says:

the sauce we use to eat the soup.tell the recipe plz

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