Best Vegan Banana Cream Pie: Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

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Mmmmmm Banana Cream Pie. Just like mama used to make. Weeeell, almost. This recipe tastes just as good without all of the added sugar and dairy. You will be smiling with every bite!


Jennifer Cuevas says:

Yay! One of my favorites! Thank you!

Kaweta says:

You seem extra giddy in this video, it's contagious.

Raymond Knapp says:

This looks super good!! I think I'll do it without the coconut tho. Thanks for the recipe!

magdielys bernabe says:

We're going to my mil's on Saturday for an early Xmas lunch. I'm going to try to make this. Funny enough, last night, I was telling my husband I need to look up a banana cream pie recipe lol.
Oh, I have a NutriNinja Auto IQ. Should I soak the cashews first?

Jilleen Macpherson says:

I love that your recipes have all natural sugars. I can't wait to try this. Have you ever made a pumpkin pie using dates?

Diane Falck says:

Looks great. Does it freeze well ? Thanks

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