Homemade [CHEETOS FRIED CHICKEN] Recipe Mukbang!

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Sandiii sese says:

Keemi 😍😍 … Look at this

shironeko says:

Keemi you should get a akita inu theyre a bigger version of a shiba inu ive got an akita and they're so cute

Rachelle Gordon says:

what brought you to chicago keemi

Jennifer Kerber says:

Keemi: If you come to Denver, Colorado you should go to Lao Wong Noodle House. They have THE BEST food and soup dumplings I have found here.

Kimchi Mama says:

Utah and Montana are cheaper ski and snowboard destinations! Equally beautiful!!

Amos Presley says:

Happy Holidays.

Claire Kim says:

Well I was born in America, learned Korean first and learned English in school and I fluently speak both of those languages without an accent…

Amos Presley says:

That food is making me hungry even thirsty. Yummy..

z fa says:

You are lovely lol. Not a fan of un spicy cheetohs but I bet these are dank

S says:

YASSS Keemi come to Canada! You'll love it here! Soo beautiful! 🙂

RoRo H says:

U should try Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles best food. It's in Los Angeles 106 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles .ca 90003 you guys will love it

Ahmed Abd says:

Your eyes is very beautiful ❤

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