How To Make Chicken Curry in Nepali Style | Nepali Food Recipe

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Chicken curry recipe, Learn how to Cook Perfect Chicken Curry in nepali style.

Ingredients: Skinless Meat, Turmeric, Meat Masala, Salt, Onion, Garlic and Ginger, Sunflower Oil, Tomato and Red Chilly Powder.

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Kopila Puri says:

Thank u soo much for this receipe ❤

vk_ Bishal says:

Thank you Mam aja banaye maile pani lunch ko lagi… Mam hajur le ingredients haru ko Amt pani mention gardinu bhayo bhane ajai hamilai sajilo hunthyo … just a suggestion Mam… thank you so much ani yestai video haru ajai post garnu hola …. ❤️🙏🏻

Queen Arora says:

thank you so much for a nice video, i dont speak nepalese but i was able to understand easliy and video quality was wonderful. please tell what type of meat masala we have to use. which brand? thanks!

Yangjom Lama says:

Wow that looks so yummy
I'm gonna try this recipe for sure

Nature Watcher says:

This chicken curry looks so tasty 🙂

Pravin Subba says:

dherai dherai dhanyabaad cha tapailai tapaiko simple authentic nepali taste recipe ko lagi… ajai banaudai garnu hos ra mo/hami support ma sadhai sangai chum

Vijay Upadhaya says:

Yummy…. So tasty

Samarpan rai says:

thank you for making this video. would be so much more helpful if you could provide the instructions with more detail, like the weight of each ingredients as well

Manju Kandel says:

tq so much aaja 27 yr paxadi meat pakauna sikiyo….tq hoi

sanjeeb yadav says:

plz upload fish curry,,,

suzanne kafle says:

chicken should be boil fst

Anjana Pathak says:

घिउ मा पकाउनुन मासु लास्तै मिठो हुन्छ ।

Shilpa Sharma says:

Music is so loud can't hear

Indian Dhoti says:

Ghar ma eklai bhako bela kaam lagyo dhandyabadd


दिदी gas को आगो full मा राख्ने कि medium ?

Chandu Kishor says:

Thank youu…….

Subim Malla says:

bich ma masala nahaleko bhanera jhukkaye jasto lagyo mero tw masu nai seto bhayo 😂😂

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