Italian Chili Recipe Cooking Italian with Joe

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Join Celebrity chef, Joe Borio, host of the YouTube cooking show, Cooking Italian with Joe, as he shares a great, simple, and delicious recipe from the Borio family Kitchen, Italian Chili Recipe. This is an easy and fast, and one of the best ways to enjoy Chili with fresh ingredients with some EVOO Vito and Joe’s Extra Virgin Olive oil, you will ever have. A delicious feel of old Italy recipe you will want to share with your family for generations to come.
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Daphne Rodriguez says:


T McGirr says:

Joe I truly enjoy your recipes and your presentation YOU DO IT YOUR WAY, don't change a thing.

Felicia Villermaux says:

This looks amazing!! I LOVE garlic and cook with it so much but it seems like no matter how much I wash my hands they smell like garlic for 2-3 days any tricks to get rid of the garlic fingers??

SS Gallant says:

Delizioso! I am going to get me some cannellini beans today.  Is that what the Brits call white kidney beans?

彪馬銳步 says:

you are the first cooking channel that i've ever subscribed! from Japan

Ric Rio says:

Hey Joe, what's the name of that Olive Oil again? LOL. I'm gettin some.

emma seriously says:

thank you…oh yes, it's the good life, cooking Italian with Joe…and I like the way your camera gal zooms in so we can see better…thanks again!

Amy Eischens says:

Can't wait to try this recipe. Did you dehydrate and grind pepperoncini for the ground pepperoncini called for in the recipe?

Cooking Italian with Joe says:

Ciao! Reading thoughts appreciate the opinions. If you are looking for a one to two min video or a recipe print I am not your guy. I share stories, tips, advice, as well as info on the ingredients. Not just what's in a dish or bowl. So grab a wine a beer or cup of coffee and relax and enjoy. Skip over what you want. You will often miss something though about my mom or dad, nonna or nonno, the restaurant, or the origin or history of a recipe or the name or where it originates etc… So put on your computer or iphone, click play and relax. Missing the whole point of the videos. Not just a recipe. Not just ingredients. It is a trip somewhere with a friend to have some fun and an experience. Never rush it in the kitchen. 10 to 15 min trip to relax and enjoy and maybe smile and laugh and share with your kids or family. Best part. If you don't have 16 min to sit back and relax to watch and enjoy, I am thinking the stress is not in the video. All good. Keep it all coming. Will respond when I can. In the meantime, sit back and listen to Frank or Dino and take some notes and enjoy the experience. Ciao, Joe.

Paul Doyle says:

6.12 for anyone that wants to watch him cook 😂

Lane Romel says:

I really dislike the flavor of tomato paste, so I used Italian Tomatoes instead of paste and vegetable stock. Worked out great.

Thank you

Chris Diggs says:

Joe, thanks for all you do! I've made a few of your recipes, delicious every time. How long do you cook that chili down once the stock is in?

LadyLongIsland says:

Did you wash your peppers? Generally after I cut them open and seed them, I wash them.

Valerie Callaghan says:

I have got to make this!

Russell Baumbarger says:

Another killer recipe Joe!

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