Village food factory /Mushroom Biryani Recipe Cooking by my Family in my village /The Food Ranger

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Village food factory.Mushroom Biryani Recipe Cooking by my Family in my village.The Food Ranger. 2018. வில்லேஜ் தமிழ் சமையல் village food factory. food, factory food,village cooking,village recipe,food factory,cooking.
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Marisa Moreira says:


Ram kumar says:

I love this little boy

Kelly White says:

Looks much better than the Knorr rice pouches we get here.

ilakkiyan bala says:

Hi kiren mushrooms periyani awesome pa I feel good smell superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i like it thanks mum

lalitha lalitha says:

Unga vittuku varalama

Michael Jose says:

hii hari, kiran
super guys

Jebaseeli Thamburaj says:

Very nicely done. Kitchen is looking neat. Azhagana easy chairs. Love the atmosphere of your place. God bless you all. Left your amma while eating. Let her also enjoy what ever you prepare

Vartilak Novehestum says:

This is absolutely amazing. I have never cooked mushrooms before. I must try this soon.
Oh by the way, congratulations on your 13 thousand viewers!

chandramauly s says:

Kirana,very nice.

Senthyl Selvi says:


McP says:

Lovely lovely family ❤️

Dolo Ahcnig says:

Hi guys I'm always like your cooking 🍳 channel, keep up the good work guys awesome

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