Grandma’s Bitter Gourd Recipe in My Village | Granny Traditional Food | VILLAGE FOOD

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cooking bitter gourd recipe in my village, prepared by grandma, healthy village food. subscribe my channel for more village food


Sibel Sevgi says:

which country?

Stella Antony says:

These were the ingredients added in order. Oil, mustard seeds, onions, crushed garlic, curry leaves, tomatoes, salt, slightly cooked bitter gourd, chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, dry roasted peanuts(crushed), tamarind water and coriander leaves(cilantro) towards the end.

nova cinta says:

i like that

โกมินทร์ ภสุธน says:


Lulu Love says:

You should give list of ingredients so we viewers can try to cook these healthy dishes.

MARCOOS55 says:

Say or put the ingredients in english please

desigujjuboy says:

great cooking, looks really yummy..try to explain the ingredients and the cooking process so we can try it too..thanks

simon john says:

Where is grand maa? I miss so much

Carlos Guttemberg says:

thanks for the videos!!
please, can u put the ingredients of the foods on de description? i will try to use the condiments on my foods too to prove how it taste. thank you!!

live to love life! 〈3 says:

I think you should taste all the dishes and let us viewers know how you find it. Like the texture, if the dish is sweet or spicy and how the dish turned out to be on the whole. That would uplift your viewer base as you're giving us more information. Great channel and great work. I'm loving these recipes. Keep it up. 😉

selvi kumar says:

yaru ithu Ammache ya .?

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