Authentic Mexican Burrito Recipe

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Close Learn how to make authentic Mexican Burritos. This burrito recipe is quick and easy, and they taste delicious.


Daryl C says:

Lettuce does not belong in ANY burrito

Mad Max says:

you fucking piece of shit

Master Chimichanga says:

this burrito is blasphemy and so is this camera

Bizzclub says:

Lettuce ? Whahaaaa

Little Pecker says:

What about rice,is it necessary for real burritos?

Dave McBroom says:

Man!…That narrator's voice is creepy.

Ruben Gonzalez says:

Lettuce really that's not Mexican that's an authentic white wash burrito

falconNL says:

Mr. Plinkett is that you?

Micscience says:

I seen some good stuff and some bad stuff. I like that you placed the tortilla in the frying pan and I like the way the refried beans was placed first. However you didn't try to soften or melt the cheese while it was on the pan that would have been a good idea just close the lid and the cheese would soften quickly. Then I would put the rest of the fixings such as salsa or guacamole maybe some mexicano rice but I woud never let the lettuce get hot nor the sour cream, those two need to be room temperature or a little bit cold. Anyways good luck!

sling shoter says:

it dont even sound good

Joe Cline says:

roast beef ?!?!?!on a burrito?wow…….next.

Panter says:

Hola, You Deserve A Billion Like Me Friend

Nigelxman says:

Wow, this is about as authentic as Taco bell dude. Back to the drawing board.

eden messi says:

Next time buy a sony camera not a samsung potato

Mike Lamb says:

Didn't fold both sides!!!!!!!!!!

mrbarz says:

This is fucking diabolical. Pan should be hot meat should be seasoned as the most basic level. As a chef this offends me greatly, was actually looking for a proper burrito and this is the top result wtf

Niko F. says:

great.. did you use a burrito to film this?

Bradley Suarez says:

Looks good to me

Bradley Suarez says:

Looks pretty good to me,

Big Show says:

U call that authentic? Buddy your dead wrong

indunil priyankara says:

fuck  you.this is not a real burrito

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