Dessert Recipes – How to Make Authentic Tiramisu

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Give the dinner party a little pick me up with a dessert of dreamy, authentic tiramisu. Layer a platter with espresso-dipped Italian ladyfinger cookies, and a light and rich cream of whipped sugar, egg yolks, brandy, espresso, mascarpone cheese and fluffy egg white. Finish with a tempting dust of cocoa.

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Once_Blink_ Forever says:

Raw eggs and brandy ? Substitutes please !!

Aliyah Higurashi says:

if you use cooked egg, people scream it's inauthentic. if you make it the way people have for generations (with small chances, yes, of salmonella but VERY small) people scream it's raw and gross.
can't win.

Abigail Oneill says:

Cocoa powder …. OMG. 😤

jaeyeonnn says:

Maybe you can set the first mixture (sugar egg yolk and espresso) on a bain marie just to cook the eggs then add the brandy so it wont lose the alcoholness 😮

Clever piggy says:

Cue everyone (including me) freaking out about the raw egg.

naheeda13 says:

Fyi I yelled "raw" in my Gordon Ramsay voice.

EZGlutenFree says:

Looks yummy but those raw eggs really scare me.

Melissa Rose Ignacio-Garcia says:

can i use other than mascarpone cheese?

Caffeinated Nation says:

Everyone here talking about raw eggs: you do realize what eggnog and orange Julius are made of, right?

NA says:

isn’t raw eggs harmful ?

ctr del says:

It's RAW!!!

Sweet Bliss says:

Uncooked eggs?? Yuck!

Jalal Amer says:

Can I replace the rum with something non alcoholic?

ned993 says:

>raw eggs
How about NOPE


So eating the Eggs Raw? no thank you.

Harry Richards says:

Looks grody

Analyn Shaw says:

Wow… 😍

Marvincent Acuña says:

Uncooked eggs? You should advise using pasteurized eggs.

Aisha badbess says:

Brandy substitute?

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