Fresh Vegetable Soup – Healthy Diet

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Fresh Vegetable Soup Recipe in Hindi at MaahiHKR

Healthy Vegetable soup – No Packet Soup – Learn How to cook


Arnav Romeo Malhotra says:

Nice recipe and I liked how you did not waste time in useless gossips and only focused on teaching the recipe.

Shibu Das says:

আপনি কি মশলা দিয়ে তৈরি করেছেন?

Saswati Mohanty says:

Ginger and garlic kab Dala??????

mayuresh Shinde says:

aunty ji bohat time le ti ho aap baki logo ka vdo dekho

Suchitra Biswas says:

Is this soup😂😂

Mota Pappa says:

the potatoes that you added in the beginning, we're they raw or boiled and peeled ? and yes voice kept going in and out

Shraddha Vedpathak says:

Nice soup recipe mam

Naren Prasad says:

audio level flactuates unbearably.

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