Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Fish Recipes

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Gordon showcases some unique recipes and methods of cooking with five of our favorite fish recipes from the archive. We hope you enjoy!
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Nathan's Finest says:

when he says "just crush, your nuts"

HK HK says:

He's making a very traditional chili sauce but then decides to put olive oil in it….

Jayson Mufu says:

Hello Mr. Ramsay,

Your videos are amazing!

You make cooking look easy.. even though it is a labor of love. I enjoy the recipes you present, and your execution of them is Ninja-like. However, I am very interested in your take on an this…

My family always has holiday "get-togethers". It has been this way since myself and siblings moved out. The hosting party typically cooks the main dish, but the guests are expected to bring sides.

What do you suggest for amazing sides for attending a dinner party.. I mean ones that will blow people away??

Thank you so much for your time!


Melanie Martinez227 says:


Alfonso Reyes says:

Love this recipe 🙌

patrick meagher says:

Okay I’m drawing the line with the French fry sand which

Tom meaney says:

This guys a bloody genius lol

fish -_-BoYY says:


Geek InTheKink says:

Sorry. Can you tell me, is it mullet in every recipe? I can't recognize the kind of fish 🙁

Faruq Ali says:

Not a true English man! No fish and chips???

chris leek says:

What a fake chef. He takes kitchen abuse to a whole new level

Jonathan Hay says:

Ramsay do you hate teenagers and little kids swearing comment me back the answer

Mr. T-34 says:

Turn on the subtitles at 5:45

SPICYMEMES 458 says:

Gordon Ramsey did you ever find the Lamb sause

Dima Savin says:

i dont like fish, i only eat spaghetti

Kyrissaean Dragon'sFlight says:

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Forever Anonymous says:

Don’t like fish still watched it😂

Avonit Kumar says:

Anybody just saw that peanuts was ..not cooked…they get burned…

Fares Ahmaro says:

Honestly gordon buddy you are bullshit, and you can't even cook, when you cook you have zero creativity. And in kitchen nightmare you always show that all restaurants chefs are bad and you are always good. Honestly you are nothing but a fat mouth full of shit.

SSJ2Pikachu says:

I'd advice him to watch and listen to his own videos, the way he says "peanuts" triggers many children to write childish comments here.

edl411 says:

"This is pollock."

Foxstar Nation says:

Juns kitchen is better

Brainstormer 617 says:

Gordon it’s my birthday today

helpmegetridofplus says:

Ramsey is my spirit animal. It has been too long since I saw chefs get excited about fish, lest they were in asiam cusine.. and hey I would love to see Ramsey collab with an asian chef and get down to good, gooey fish details. My fav is Thai but whatever fits… COLLAB COLLAB O.O



CabanaG BOI says:

I mastered microwaving hotdogs (.-3-.)

_GhostGamer_ says:

Anyone else thought he was saying "PENIS"??

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