Stir Fry Recipes – How to Make Asian Beef and Snow Peas

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When you want dinner hot, delicious and ready to eat on a weeknight, this easy and hearty stir-fry dish is an excellent choice. Get your wok or skillet hot, then stir-fry ginger, garlic, strips of beef round steak and snow peas in a rich sauce of soy sauce, rice wine, cornstarch and brown sugar.

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Artbug says:

That was so soupy…

Lawrence Godsey says:

"Stir Fry"? Maybe they meant "stew"? That grey, pallid meat is in no way stir fried.

Tyler Seydel says:

Always white people making these videos and they think we can’t tell

Vette_Dude84 says:

This is not stir-fry…

Jack Burton says:

Less stir fry and more of a stir boil. These are basic mistakes. You'd be thrown out of Gordon Ramsay's kitchen. Saute the beef separately at a high heat and pat dry before.

alan hu says:

Too much water. That's not a stir fry. You need a stronger burner And a bigger wok for que qtty of food you're cooking.

Wes Chambers says:

this looks great, but i do not like peas in any form!! i`d substitute them for green beans or thinly sliced green peppers!! since we don`t have any rice wine, i`d be more inclined to use beef broth, or may balsamic vinegar for that tart you might get from the wine. thank you so much for sharing Allrecipes, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

unknown138 says:

can you call it a "stir fry" if you need to boil and simmer? hmmmm….

Bridgett Nesby says:

Will the snow peas be tender enough?

Gabee Hidalgo says:

😋 make this for dinner tonight

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